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TSE Spotlight: Hot Topics

A sneak peak of what to expect during Catersource + The Special Event

There will be no shortage of hot topics during Catersource + The Special Event (May 2-5 in Anaheim). Here are just a few of them! 

Safety & Security

ABC's of Events & Safety

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 3.22.19 PM.pngTuesday, May 5 at 2:30 p.m.

Presented by Margie Haupt  (Arts & Cultural Affairs Manager, City of Riverside)

You can never know if or when something will happen at or to your event. What you can know and should know as a city or organization is that you planned, you prepared, you communicated and kept the safety of everyone the priority.

Tech Security 101: Protect your business + your peace of mind

Wednesday, May 4 at 1:00 p.m.

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 3.23.49 PM.pngPresented by Elizabeth Sheils  (Owner and Founder, Rock Paper Coin)

As business owners in the digital age, we are constantly being pushed to adopt new technology and stay connected. While the benefits of technology seem endless, have you taken the measures to ensure the privacy and safety of your data? In this session, Elizabeth walks attendees through the often-overlooked yet extremely vital steps to build a tech environment in your business that keeps out hackers, viruses, and other unwanted intrusions. She'll share her favorite apps and tools along with key strategies to safeguard sensitive information in your business—and on behalf of your client—so you can sleep better at night.

Anticipating the Worst: Crisis Planning for Your Events

Tuesday, May 3 at 11:15 a.m.

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 3.24.49 PM.pngScreen Shot 2022-03-31 at 3.25.07 PM.png

Presented by Jamie Quickert  (Project Lead, AllSeated) and Mark Catuogo  (CEO, MC Event Consulting)

Crises can hit when you least expect it. Just look at the past few years. While companies may not be able to predict every emergency with precision, they can prioritize certain scenarios to prepare for in advance. This is where crisis management training comes in. From PR emergencies to global pandemics to unexpected acts of violence to local catastrophes, crisis management training can help mitigate negative outcomes, keep employees confident, and ensure your business stays agile in the face of a challenge. Join Mark and Jamie as they help you prepare for the unexpected.

Diversity & Inclusion

The JEDI (Justice, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Lifestyle: A Deeper Dive on what it means to be an ally

Tuesday, May 5 at 1:00 p.m.

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 3.24.49 PM.png5f5a48908e1b7.jpegScreen Shot 2022-03-31 at 3.29.00 PM.pngScreen Shot 2022-03-31 at 3.29.45 PM.png







Presented by Jamie Quickert  (Project Lead, AllSeated); Kirsten Ott Palladino  (Principal, Equally Wed); Matt Mitchell  (Owner & Lead Planner, Matt Mitchell Events); and Brian Green  (CEO, By BrianGreen)

This year we saw companies take a stand when it comes to JUSTICE, EQUITY, DIVERSITY, and INCLUSION.
Whether it was a black square on social media, a post to celebrate Pride Month, or highlighting their women leaders on International Women's Day, even the largest corporations realized they can no longer remain silent when it comes to issues facing marginalized groups.

However, taking a stand means more than just saying a cause is supported; there must also be action for there to be change.
Join this eclectic and powerful group of event professionals as they have a discussion about their own personal experiences within the industry, the changes they have seen over the course of their careers, common misconceptions, and what others in the hospitality industry can do—and are doing—to ensure that their staffs, vendor lists, and clients are truly diversified.

Bigger Tables and Stronger Bridges: Moving the Industry Forward with Diversity and Inclusion

Skaggs_Terrica1.pngWednesday, May 4 at 4:00 p.m.

Terrica  (Owner, Cocktails & Details® / Terrica Inc.)

Inclusion is not a one-and-done activity.

Diversity is more than just boxes to check off.

Moving past the black squares and hashtags, it is the responsibility of all the industry's members to move it forward and make it stronger. In this dynamic session, we won't be talking AT each other, but learning what this industry looks like from the vendor *and* client perspective, with actionable steps to strengthen individual brands and our industry as a whole.


Dazzle Your Virtual Audiences with Gamification

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 3.32.08 PM.pngWednesday, May 4 at 1:00 p.m.

Rob Ferre  (International Speaker, Event Host & Celebration Collaborator, Rob Ferre)

Virtual is here to stay and there are many companies that need you to bring a unique virtual event that they won't forget. You want to kick it up a notch to improve attention and engagement -- and ensure you'll bring your audiences back.

It’s time to disrupt your audiences' engagement through gamification!

In this session, you will experience how to gamify your presentation with slides, interactive games, or software. You'll see different ways to engage the audience to gain more followers, fans, and opt-in participants to your offerings. You'll hear about a variety of games and activities that will work not only for day long virtual summits, recurring webinars, virtual training sessions and team huddles.

Get ready to take notes, and get out of your seat for an interactive experience you won't forget. Your audiences will thank you for it!

You will learn:

  • actionable ideas on creating engagement activities for your virtual events
  • about current technology, software and tools to create more virtual engagement
  • what it's like to participate in the demonstrated virtual engagement activities

Gamification of Events and Festivals

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 3.33.31 PM.pngTuesday, May 3 at 10:00 a.m.

Presented by Ijaz Jamal  (Professor - Event Management, George Brown College)

Gamification marketing is a strategy of borrowing and incorporating gameplay elements into a non-play environment to engage people and retain their attention. This presentation showcases how gamification can be used at events to increase connections between brands and their target market with the goal of generating awareness and driving sales. We will use the Toronto Cider Festival (Canada's largest cider festival) as a case study in this interactive presentation.

We can't wait to see you California! 

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