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TSE Spotlight: The Hybrid Solution

Spotlight on what to expect this summer at The Special Event

It's no secret that COVID-19 has caused ripple effects all throughout the special events industry, ranging from guest counts to food service. One of the largest COVID-19 after effects, which will have staying power long after the pandemic, will be the reliance on hybrid and virtual solutions. 

The Special Event + Catersource want to ensure that you ready to be successful in this new world of events, which is why many of this year's education sessions will look at the many hybrid and virtual solutions that are available. 

Here's a list of can't miss sessions related to hybrid and virtual events.

The New Power of Hybrid Events
Tuesday, July 20 at 9:30am - 10:30am


Presented by Colja Dams, CEO, VOK DAMS Worldwide; and Claudia Koehler, Corporate Vice President, VOK DAMS Worldwide

Hybrid events are not a short-lived trend, but a long-term development that will transform the way we plan, design and experience events in the future and will significantly emphasize the power of the live experience. There is no question that the current pandemic has fundamentally changed live communication. More than that, it has acted as a catalyst and accelerator for developments that began well in advance. Against the background of digitalisation, virtual elements have long been part of live events. In future there will be a great need for hybrid events that interweave "live" with "digital" and "virtual" with "in-person" at eye level. The opportunity: completely new, innovative and extremely effective communication possibilities. In future we will need a completely new approach to marketing communication and especially events.

Frankel_Scott (1) copy.pngEverything You Need To Know About Virtual/Hybrid Special Events
Tuesday, July 20 at 11:00am - 12:00pm

Presented by Scott Frankel, President, Animatic Media, LLC.

So many virtual/hybrid event platforms corner you into their predetermined platform options including how the event looks, flows, and options available to you. There are so many more options you may have never thought about including using the latest technology to promote interaction, social media while having a well produced and executed event.

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 10.16.44 AM.pngThe New Norm, Hybrid Mettings- How and Why
Tuesday, July 20 at 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Presented by Jordan Goodfellow, CEO, GIGRENT

With the outbreak of COVID-19 the events industry is moving to Hybrid meetings, which have a real-time, face-to-face component as well as a virtual component. These Hybrid event productions deliver a heightened degree of interaction that drive attendee engagement. Understanding these new technologies to become more relevant and engaging is vital for meeting and event planners.

No matter the meeting or event, there is the growing need for remote participants to view and take part in it from a much more genuine and engaging standpoint. The technology to create these experiences is becoming more integrated to deliver an exciting experience. Hybrid meetings go beyond Zoom s or screen feeds sent to a webcast. Let a great AV Tech Team show you how to up your meeting game by going Hybrid!

Here's a look at a few things that will be covered:

  • What technologies can be integrated to create the right Hybrid meeting experience
  • Looking at broadcast style webcasts created for the remote attendee
  • What are best camera shooting styles to totally engage your audience
  • Thinking through content and presentations on how to keep the remote participants engaged
  • What content can be made to appeal to both remote and in-person audiences
  • How are the speakers tailoring their message to those both on location and remote

Here's a look at a few technical ways to up your game for Hybrid events and meetings:

  • Augmented reality
  • Projection based augmented reality
  • Breaking augmented reality out of the screen
  • Projected reality with our bulky headsets
  • 3D Projection Mapping and how is it used
  • Projection Mapping newest technologies
  • How to project Virtual Reality over reality


Williams_AJ.jpgHow to Master Your Fundraising Stage for Hybrid Audiences (Catersource)
Wednesday, July 21 at 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Presented by AJ Williams, CMP, Founder + Creative Director, AJ Events

Engaging two audiences from one stage is a balancing act. You have to create engagement for both. Some of the challenges with hybrid events is making your in-person and virtual audiences feel connected, how to create content that engages, and how will your speakers keep your virtual audience engaged with your content and with your in-person audience. In this session, AJ will set the stage for best environment for a hybrid fundraiser and share tips for creating an experience that engages your speaker with your in-person and remote audiences.

Late Nite Bride: Expert Status through Virtual Experiences
Tuesday, July 20 at 9:30am - 10:30am


Presented by Jennifer Perna, Owner and Founder, Fulton Market Consulting; and Francisco Christian, Managing Partner, Taylored Hospitality Solutions

Late Nite Bride is a 30 minute TV Talk show designed to entertain and inform both bridal couples and industry professional...we call it "Infotainment". The inspiration came from an email I received at 11pm one night from a bride who said "I just got engaged and I am all stressed out" heart broke. This should and could be the happiest time of her life and now she was going down a rabbit hole better known as the internet without "Alice" . Welcome the power of video, intentional entertainment... a way to become an "industry expert" in your market and beyond. I will take you through the full production process from show concept to completion plus marketing and social media. Now more than ever before our couples and wedding professionals need support. Late Nite Bride serves & educates both for at the end of the day LOVE is all there is.


Coleman_Adonica (1).jpgNot Your Typical F-oring (Freaking Boring) Virtual Event
Tuesday, July 20 at 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Presented by Adonica Coleman, Owner, A2D Events

During the "covid months" event professionals have all scrambled to find a way to host events that works for clients. If you heard the word "pivot" once you heard it a thousand times. After sitting through countless virtual platform demos, Adonica knew there had to be a way to break out of the cookie cutter mold and offer a virtual event that was not another freaking boring webinar. The result after months of time, energy and resources invested....she created her own. Come learn about the ability to offer a virtual event that guests close their devices and rave about!


Molesworth_Kevin (1) copy.jpgSaturday Night Live: Going Virtual Since 1975 (Bridge)
Wednesday, July 21 at 1:30pm - 2:15pm

Presented by Kevin Molesworth, CSEP, President, Brass Tacks Events / Celadore Creative

If you have ever watched a live television broadcast, then you have experienced a virtual event from the guest's perspective.  The Academy Awards, The Super Bowl, and yes, Saturday Night Live.  Just because the live events industry has been forced to reposition itself in the virtual world does not mean that we should panic.  This interactive session will demonstrate that the pathway to a successful virtual event is staring you right in the face.  Using everyone's favorite sketch comedy program as our foundation, we will explore the many facets of a successful virtual event. 

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