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How to Maximize Attendees’ Safety and Comfort at Live Events

The team from CORT Events offers tips on how to create a safe, comfortable event for guests.

Over the past few months, event professionals have pivoted quickly to support the new landscape of our industry. From virtual trade shows to micro-weddings, we’ve seen a major shift in how we approach meetings and events as a result of COVID-19.  

While those in the event industry are well -informed and familiar with the changes and new protocols in place for in-person events, the average attendee may not be up to speed. But wWith thoughtful planning and reinventive designs, we can help attendees feel safe and comfortable as we return to live events.  

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CORT Events is sharing guidelines to follow to help ensure attendee feel comfortable and safe attending in-person events:.  

Transparent Communication  

Communication with attendees is key-- – especially as we navigate this new reality. Attendees will expect   a detailed plan that takes their well-being into account, specifically on distancing guidelines, PPE [personal protective equipment] regulations, safety precautions and cleaning procedures. Addressing attendees’ concerns in advance and on-site will help eliminate confusion and encourage in-person attendance. Providing information about precautions and/or requirements in place, seating arrangements, and design--, along with check-in policies--, well in advance allows attendees to thoroughly review and prepare. Direct communication about steps you’re taking to assure their safety before, during and after the event will demonstrate your commitment to holding a successful program where everyone can feel comfortable.   

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Safety-Focused Designs  

To encourage attendance at in-person events, it’s crucial that planners consider the various comfort levels of all guests. While some attendees are eager to return to social events, others will naturally have concerns. Designing with safety top of mind allows planners to meet the needs of each attendee. Facilitating movement through the venue can be achieved through design with way-finding and , using  free-standing clear dividers,clear dividers,  stanchions, and floor decals floor decals. Take the opportunity to personalize and brand dividers with unique graphics or logos so they serve a dual function.  Plenty of signage and mental cues will assist attendees in utilizing designated event spaces and allow for a greater sense of safety.  To reinforce well-being, remember to include plenty of reminders for attendees to sanitize their hands and practice physical distancing.  

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Prioritize Well-being  

Every attendee will have a different comfort level, so it’s important to create a calm and warm environment in the event space. Even with physically distanced seating and dividers, natural elements like greenery, florals and uplighting can foster a greater sense of comfort and closeness. Providing quality soft seating these elements will enhance the experience, as attendees will likely remain in the same seat for the duration of the day. Don’t forget to provide individual tables with charging capabilities to complete their “owned space” for the duration of a meeting or conference. Be attentive to state and local health guidelines to provide attendees with the most accurate and up-to-date protocols.  

It’s important to account for extra staffing at events moving forward, such as wellness greeters to explain the new guidelines, answer questions, and provide a general sense of normalcy. Additional cleaning and serving personnel to sanitize surfaces and to remind guests of their own responsibilities in maintaining a safe environment for themselves and fellow attendees.  

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Ensuring every person is comfortable will be key to the success of in-person events, meetings, and shows. With transparent plans, clear communication, and prioritized well-being, planners can demonstrate their commitment to providing a safe experience for all attendees. CORT Events is here to support you as we make your safety and health our top priority.  

To schedule a consultation with one of our design experts, or to learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit   

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