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Conference Buzz to Business Boom

Tech tools for smart business follow-up

I think we are all still feeling the incredible buzz from being at Catersource + The Special Event 2024 in Austin, TX this past February. Our crew at Rock Paper Coin sure is! 

Coming back from any industry event is always such a good feeling; you are inspired and filled with drive, motivation, excitement—and let’s not forget to mention a giant stack of business cards (hopefully mostly virtual!). But how do you turn that excitement into actual results? It’s all about having the right tools and steps in place for an efficient follow-up that feels authentic and keeps the conversation flowing. Don’t worry; we have your back with our favorite tips below. Let’s dive in!

Actionable items you can do today

First step: digitize those business cards

Don’t let potential collaborators get lost in a stack of paper. Use a business card scanning app (try Covve) to instantly create digital contact records. Then, the next time you head to a networking event or conference, make sure to use Popl, a digital business card service where you can quickly (and impressively) share your contact information with other attendees. 

Keep that social media love growing

Follow new connections on their social media platforms (especially LinkedIn and Instagram) and watch the connections thrive. Send a quick, personalized DM reminding them of your conversation or meet-ups at the conference. Be sure to also head to their profile and comment on their recent posts and reels. This will solidify your connection and ensure a future relationship.

Go ahead and send that “nice to meet you” email

Within 24-48 hours, send a friendly email to promising connections you hope to create stronger relationships with or to work with in the future. Thank them for their time, reference something specific from your conversation, and offer to schedule a follow-up call or coffee chat with them. You can even throw in that you can hardly wait to work with them in the future or to refer your clients to them starting this season. Now that’s an email we all would be happy to get! 

Set up for success: your post-conference tech stack

Chances are some of your conference and networking experiences are going to lead to sales and potential future customers. Let’s explore our favorite tools to streamline your process and nurture that future business. 


This is the heart of your follow-up system. A CRM books future customers and stores client details, all while making you look professional and ready to handle their business. Be sure to use a system that is client and user-friendly to have the best results.

Email is a surefire way to lead with the first best impression of you and your brand for a new contact. Our favorite tool is Flodesk, which lets you create on-brand newsletters and messaging, sending valuable content or special offers to your contact lists, all with gorgeous templates and an ease of use that anyone can handle.

Scheduling on your terms

No one wants to play tag with their calendar. Eliminate the back-and-forth of scheduling meetings by using our favorite tool, Calendly. Quickly and easily share your availability in an email or text and allow contacts to book directly on your calendar when you are available. 

Put these tips and tools to use

While tech tools are amazing, keeping the human touch in your process is incredibly important. Automation is about efficiency, not losing the personal connection with colleagues. Here’s how to strike the perfect balance:

Email templates

Create basic follow-up email templates but always personalize them. Add specific references to your conversation at the conference to show your genuine interest. Everyone can always tell the difference between a 100% canned email and one that has a human behind it.

Social media engagement

Actively engage with new connections’ posts on social media. Share thoughtful comments and congratulations; it keeps you top-of-mind organically—and don’t stop after only a week! 

Value-add content

Don’t forget to blog, share exciting news, or curate resources relevant to your niche. Share them in an email blast or on your social media feed and invite your new connections to add their thoughts and contributions. This not only establishes your expertise but invites others into your community and makes it stronger. 

Virtual “coffee” meetups

Get on a Zoom or Google Meet and keep the connection going. You can invite a few pros to join and make it a happy hour. Virtual chats are a great way to maintain connection and rekindle conference energy. 

At the end of the day, conferences are investments, and you can protect your time, energy, and money by making the most of your current and future conference connections. Maximize your investment by streamlining follow-ups, keeping the conversations going, and most importantly, keep building those authentic relationships within your industry community. You might be surprised by the genuine friendships that will come in return. 

Nora Sheils is the founder of award-winning planning firm Bridal Bliss and co-founder of Rock Paper Coin, a client management platform that offers a streamlined approach to contract, invoicing, and payment processing for the wedding and event industry. Nora is a well-known and sought-after speaker on national stages. Recognized as one of the Top 500 Event Professionals by BizBash, Nora has also been heralded as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the Event Industry by Eventex. More recently, Rock Paper Coin was celebrated by the Stewie Awards as the Best Startup in Technology Services.

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