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Divine Decor: Four Events and Their Incredible Tents

Divine Decor: Four Events and Their Incredible Tents

Four outstanding tent installations for special events, from Arena Americas, Stamford Tent and Event Services, Stretch Structures, and TentLogix

Arena Americas tent

New York's Central Park is a can't-miss spot for locals and tourists alike. And the team from Arena Americas, headquartered in Oak Creek, Wis., added to its allure during the latest New York Marathon by installing a striking double-decker structure with a 20,000-square-foot footprint [above]. Adjacent to the iconic Tavern on the Green restaurant, the custom structure served as marathon's main hospitality venue in the week leading up to the race, then offered VIP hospitality on race day.

While it's easy for people to enter Central Park, not so for this big structure. "We were not allowed to augment or remove any obstructions within Central Park, which eliminated access to the tent from anywhere along the perimeter," explains marketing manager Sara Spitzer. Not only that, but 67th Street remained opening to the public during the build and strike, "allowing thousands of pedestrians, tourists, horse-drawn carriages, bikers and emergency vehicles to cut through the job site daily," Spitzer notes.

How to install a big structure in a small space? Think inside the box. "To manage the space constraints, we had to build the tent from the inside out," Spitzer says. "Twenty-five meter, 20-meter, 15-meter and 10-meter structures came together to offer a bespoke solution to a difficult plot of usable activation space."

Such a sophisticated installation required a sophisticated event team. "We have a multi-level management structure that put two sales and project managers with decades of experience in charge of the construction of the project," Spitzer notes. "An extremely talented team of veteran event managers, site leads and heavy-equipment operators ensured the project was delivered on time and, most importantly, safely."

Photo courtesy Arena Americas

Stamford Tent

Most all weddings last just one day. But a wedding installation can be far longer. That's the story behind the dramatic wedding installation created by Stamford Tent and Event Services of Stamford, Conn., in the swanky Hamptons, near New York.

The installation offered a total of more than 27,000 square feet [above], according to Rick Bisesto, vice president of sales and marketing. The main tent was actually three different clear-span structures joined together to offer multi-level floors. In addition, the cocktail tent had to be shoehorned into a tight area in between trees, big planters, and a brick wall.

A challenging task, but the event team was up to it. "The multi-level floors took planning, time and effort; however, since we have carpenters on staff, it turned out perfect," Bisesto says. "We also had to use a crane to raise the arches in all of the structure tents, while the floor was raised over 10 feet. Custom equipment was utilized to meet our client’s needs."

But complex installations take time. All told, the Hamptons installation took 22 days—and those were "12-hour days," Bisesto adds.

Photo courtesy Stamford Tent and Event Services

Axion Flower

What temporary structure looks best at a surfing festival? A structure that looks like a surfboard, of course. Australian-based Stretch Structures filled the bill at 2016 Surfest in Newcastle, Australia, with its striking Axion Flower structure [above], an eye-catching structure with "petals" that mimic the shape of surfboards.

A challenge for the installation of the 10-meter structure, which was used as a welcome and registration booth, was the "exactly one day" set-up window, says Daniel Hunt, vice president of the company's design and installation department. "The site was perched on a hilltop overlooking Merewether Beach, the ground was chock full of rocks, and the area susceptible to high winds."

The solution: teamwork. "We got to know the event management company very well," Daniel says. "We coordinated and kept in touch regularly leading up to the event and, most importantly, from the early hours of the actual day. Frequent site visits in all weather conditions were essential: in the heat of the day, in the early hours, and later in the day to see where the shade would be. In rain, sun, wind and on still, peaceful surf days."

Stretch Structures also provided a custom 8-by-9-meter stage cover to shelter the band plus another two octagonal tents as shields from the intense February sunshine—after all, it was high summer in Australia!

Photo by Daniel Hunt

TentLogix tent

A big-time charity fundraiser needs a big-time venue, and Stuart, Fla.-based TentLogix was ready to oblige. For the massive temporary venue, nestled against a golf-resort clubhouse in Orlando, Fla., the company installed a 40-meter Losberger clear-span perched on 17-foot legs.

"The structure was installed on an active resort property, and on delicate golf course terrain," explains marketing coordinator Matt Swanner. "With limited direct access to the site, a fair amount of hand-carrying was required to facilitate the installation, while working with the resort staff to minimize disruption of guest activities."

The structure was installed atop a four-foot elevated floor using those 17-foot legs, "which created a host of challenges with regard to accessing the roof, and installing the tent liner and glass walls," Swanner notes. Additionally, the venue's internal mezzanine system required a healthy amount of floor bracing/support.

"The structure featured a dining hall with a clear roof, allowing guests to dine under the stars at each of the venue’s daily events," Swanner explains. "It also served as a concert venue, complete with staging and a spectator mezzanine, as the week-long affair featured two star-studded concerts!"

Photo by Weldon and Associates

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