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Plastic_Bags_Rainbow_2019.jpg Photo by Vejaa / iStock / Getty Images

16 Ways to Get Single-Use Plastics Out of Your Next Event

The team behind a 750-guest conference took steps big and small to reduce the pollution created by single-use plastics--here is what they did.

The team behind the July conference of the Australian Marine Sciences Association had an ambitious goal: to create an event for 750 guests without single-use plastics and with as little waste as possible.

The association and event management organization Encanta have created a tip sheet sharing what worked well, including offering coffee cats with non-disposable cups that were washed and reused, providing bamboo lanyards and cardboard name badges without plastic sleeves, and refusing to provide plastic pens or mints wrapped in plastic.

The organizers are also candid about challenges that still remain. These include the plastic wrap on prepared foods and the plastic liners in waste bins.

The conference organizers offer the full report here.

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