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8 Smart Ways to Get Better Responses to RFPs

Yes, you can cut through the clutter of eRFPs--here's how simple it can be.

With today’s technology making it a breeze to send out RFPs, buyers and suppliers can cut the clutter by crafting proposals and responses wisely. Our sister publications group MeetingsNet just offered eight simple steps to a better eRFP experience:


1. Do your homework. Verify that the hotels are you submitted your RFP to are truly a good fit for your meeting.

2. Indicate the number of eRFPs being sent. If you are sending out to a limited number of properties, but sue to let the hotel know it is, say, just one of eight RFPs. This lets the sales people know they have a good opportunity to win the business.

3. Prioritize your concession list. Clarity what is a “must have” versus a “nice to have.”

4. Include absolutes with the RFP. If your company requires hotels to accept your entire addendum, include it so they can see the requirements up front.


5. Just respond. Even if it is a decline, buyers would rather know so they eliminate you from the list, rather than keep chasing you.

6. Be honest. If the meeting has a poor … MeetingsNet

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