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Hotel front desk Photo by Gunamax / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Calling Hotels: How Are You Staging Special Events?

Hoteliers are invited to share their experiences staging special events during the COVID crisis.

For an article in the next issue of Special Events Magazine, we’d love to hear how your hotel is producing special events right now. (We’ve seen some great stuff on Facebook, so we know it’s happening!)

If you have a moment, we would love to hear from you:

  • If your hotel is open, are you producing special events right now?  YES   NO
  • If yes, are these corporate events, private social events, both?  CORPORATE    PRIVATE SOCIAL    BOTH
  • If you are producing events, how many people total can you have for the event? (That is, guests plus staff)
  • We are going to guess that “micro” events are big right now—is that true for you?
  • Could you share some details of a great “Covid days” event you have produced recently? (When was it, what sort of event was it, how many guests, what they experienced)
  • What spaces in your hotel are you using for these events? (That is, are you using only part of a ballroom, or are you turning to non-traditional spaces, such as foyers, other?)
  • Have you changed catering services for these events? (That is, offering pre-plated dishes, no buffets, etc.) What are you serving?
  • Have you changed room set-up for these events? (Maybe spaced dining tables? Other?)
  • Has décor changed?
  • Have staffing levels changed?
  • Do you have to keep adjusting client expectations or do they get it?
  • What haven’t we asked you that we should have?

And if you have some photos to share, we would be most grateful for them. We need them big (about 1 MB). A sentence or two about what reader is seeing would be great. And we will of course provide whatever photocredit you require.

We’d love to hear back from you by end of day on Monday, July 27. Please send replies to [email protected].

Many thanks!

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