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Lowell_Herb_Co_Cannabis_Cafe_2019.jpg Photo courtesy Lowell Herb Co.
Rendering of the Lowell Herb Co.'s new cannabis cafe in West Hollywood, Calif.

First ‘Cannabis Cafe’ to Open in Los Angeles

Event planners, get ready: Curious guests will flock to the new "cannabis cafe" in Los Angeles.

If you are bringing a group to L.A., then brace yourself. The first “cannabis cafe” is poised to open in West Hollywood, and “inquiring” guests are sure to be intrigued. Says the Hollywood Reporter:

The first cannabis cafe in the U.S. is opening its doors in West Hollywood next month, barring any state or county licensing roadblocks. Dubbed Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café, the project is the brainchild of Sean Black and David Elias, co-founders of the upscale Los Angeles-based cannabis brand Lowell Herb Co. Building on the comfort factor of a restaurant/lounge/bar, the idea is to deftly add in a curated side of cannabis …

Initially conceptualized as a café serving food infused with up to 10 mg of THC or CBD, along with beverages and smokes, the opening plan has been scaled back due to state and county regulatory red tape that calls for lab testing and child-resistant packaging. So on tap for the opening is a menu of cannabis for consumption on site in the form of bongs, vapes, pipes, dabs and prerolls. They will be accompanied by "virgin" draft beverages, playing into a trend for non-alcoholic cocktails, along with some on-the-market CBD- and THC-infused drinks …

For now, food offerings will be virgin, as in sustainable, organic farm-to-table bites designed to play up a cannabis-enhanced sense of taste and smell. Think dark chocolates, bright citrus dishes and salty sauerkraut. In the future, Black hopes to add cannabis-enhanced food: “We're trying to be conservative in our interpretation of the laws; we're waiting for the state and county to update their laws and work out the nuances for licensing, before we infuse food live on premises” … Hollywood Reporter



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