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computer data hack Photo by Anyaberkut / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Marriott Reaches Out to Guests Hit by Data Breach

In the wake of the huge data hack going back to 2014, the big hotel company is offering support to affected guests.

If you’ve held an event at a Westin, Sheraton, St. Regis or other hotel brand under the former Starwood umbrella in the last four years, your attendees—and you—might be victims of a serious data breach. On Nov. 30, Marriott International revealed that Starwood, which it acquired in 2016, had been hacked going back to 2014, exposing the personal information of up to 500 million guests.

In the wake of the breach, Marriott International says it is taking steps to aid affected guests, according to PCMA:

In the statement, Marriott said it was beginning to email guests affected by the security breach. It has created a dedicated website with FAQ information and important links for guests. A call center is open seven days a week and is available in several languages. Regional phone numbers can be found by clicking the words Call Center Information.

The company also is giving guests in the United States, Canada, and Britain a free, one-year membership to the personal information monitoring service WebWatcher. It described WebWatcher as a service that watches internet sites where personal information is shared or sold and then alerts people if their information is found there.

Marriott also advises guests to monitor their loyalty accounts for suspicious activity, change their account passwords, and check credit card statements for …PCMA

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