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10 Romantic Hospitality Packages to Celebrate National Proposal Day

Get inspired with these unique proposal offerings

Today is National Proposal Day, and it’s no wonder why—it's also the first day of spring, the time of planting seeds and planning new beginnings. It’s easy to feel the romance of the new season: the sun is out, flowers are growing, and the air is warming up, making love bloom all around. 

A brief history of proposals
People have long looked to celebrities and those in power for cultural influence. In the 1470s, the Archduke of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy by giving her a ring monogrammed in diamonds. Later, in the 1800s, men began proposing on one knee, inspired by the noble gestures of knights. In 1888, Cecil Rhodes founded The De Beers diamond company, creating a demand for diamond engagement jewelry. 

These days, “double proposals”—an act rooted in the LGBTQ+ community—are gaining popularity. Double proposals allow each partner to ask for marriage, creating an even playing field and a chance for both parties to feel consent and acceptance, relieving the gendered burden from one person. These returned proposals can happen simultaneously with the first proposal or on a separate occasion. 

Here are ten unique hospitality proposal packages to get your creativity flowing. 

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