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boho wedding.png Isabelle Marinier

Bohemian Weddings: How to Have a Fairy Tale

Planning weddings for couples who want to avoid the traditional

Despite the many options when planning a wedding, the bohemian theme is among the most popular. A Bohemian–or “boho”–wedding is a decision made by a couple who already wants to avoid everything traditional; a couple who would set being romantic, vintage, having a natural setting, and simple or rustic decoration as a key to their hearts.  

Bohemian is a counterculture that emerged at the end of the 18th Century during the French Revolution. It started with French artists, writers, and creatives, who were free in mind, body, and soul.

The Bohemians lived in a context of poverty back then, so the artists started wearing old and used clothes. Bohemians were associated with simple living and were inspired by natural and rustic elements. 

In a recent article for Catersource magazine, Breanna Howell breaks down Boho wedding theme types and how to plan a perfect Boho wedding. 

To read the full article, head over to Catersource magazine.

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