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Boho wedding floral dining table from Emerald City Designs Photo courtesy Emerald City Designs
Boho wedding floral from Emerald City Designs graces a banquet table.

Boho to Bloom in 2020 Wedding Floral Design

A rich new trend of boho chic will dominate wedding floral in 2020.

When floral designers describe wedding floral trends for 2020, one word rises to the top: Bohemian. “Bohemian” will be big in 2020, but how this trend translates into floral means different things to different couples.

“Bohemian looks vary from minimal to opulent,” says Jennifer McGarigle, principal owner and designer of Floral Art in Culver City, Calif. “The minimal version of includes more greenery, less flowers. The bountiful, elevated version is full and flowery.”

Romantic floral arches and chuppahs with natural, soft tones are very trendy, says Bronwen Smith, owner and lead designer at B Floral in New York. “The boho chic and rustic vibes of weddings are here to stay,” she says.

Underpinning organic, unstructured looks are thoughtful, richly textured designs.

“We’re using a lot of greenery and different floral elements with varying textures,” says David C. McKnight, founder and owner of Emerald City Designs in Farmington Hills, Mich.

BROWN IS BACK In 2020, designers agree that boho’s simple, neutral color palettes will dominate in 2020—think tans, mauves, clay, creams and brown tones. McGarigle says these neutrals will be “punched up with accents of coral, dusty rose or plum.”

Yellow may also sneak into some bridal bouquets, she says. “More yellow will be making an appearance with Pantone’s ‘Saffron Yellow’ included in the 2020 mix of colors,” McGarigle says. “Gradations of yellow are paired with creams and greens.”

Romantic and feminine hues are a wedding mainstay and will remain so in 2020, but some clients will request stronger statements.

“We are introducing buttercreams, soft peaches and lavender—and for my chic and edgy clients, more rich jewel tones,” says Eddie Zaratsian of Glendale, Calif.-based Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design.

UNEXPECTED BLOOMS With untamed natural elements guiding 2020 wedding floral themes, some unique ideas are bound to bloom. “There may be an unexpected twist of something painted, like antique gold leaves or fruits,” McGarigle says.

Another element blooming in the world of wedding florals is the hanging floral installation. “Grand, overstated design elements with exaggerated florals are hung from the ceiling to create a statement piece at the ceremony or the reception,” Smith says. “It’s a way to focus on one major design piece, rather than focusing on multiple smaller pieces.”

FLORAL FEATS With couples seeking the look of an unstructured garden that seemingly emerges organically, floral designers are challenged with bringing it all together in a cohesive yet unique way … 

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