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Kylie Carlson of IAWEP

Event Pros: Three Tips for Identifying Your Goals for 2019

If your 2019 resolutions need a tweak or two, here's how to draft your path to success.

If you’re still fine-tuning your new year’s resolutions, you’re not alone. The new year is prime time for setting goals, gaining inspiration and reaching for success.

However, setting a goal isn’t just about aiming for your wildest dreams in the dark--it requires careful analysis of your current situation, as well as recognizing what you can realistically achieve in the year ahead. After all, life is already busy, and we can only accommodate a finite amount of additional effort--so the goals you set should be worth it.

In the end, all it takes is some careful planning and cultivating motivation for you to make 2019 your best year yet.

1. Start by identifying weaknesses
Goals should be set in places that need growth and improvement, so it’s important to take a step back and evaluate your company’s weaknesses. Where could you use some more help? What could afford some more time?

It doesn’t need to be something that is only attainable by the end of the year--instead, create smaller goals that will act as milestones to your overall objective.

Timing is key, so don’t force yourself to reach for goals that are better off later in the year, and don’t wait to address goals that make sense to work on now. Achieving important goals don’t happen overnight, so allow yourself the time to complete them fully.

2. Develop your goals.
A genuinely achievable goal is two things: realistic and quantifiable. For example, making more money or increasing your social media following are great goals to strive for, but they are also a bit vague.

Instead, ask yourself what kind of numbers would make you satisfied. Do you want a 5 percent increase in sales? Would you like to double your Instagram followers?

Having quantitative goals provides you with a concrete benchmark to work towards, as opposed to having to wonder if your successes have met your expectations. Create SMART goals (that is, goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) to stay motivated and keep working toward your dreams.

3. Stay committed to your goals.
Creating goals is only one piece of the puzzle--sticking to them for a whole year is another feat entirely. It seems easy in January when the inspiration is fresh, but things can get sluggish as the year continues and life seems to get in the way.

To cope, put deadlines on your goals, as this will preserve your time-oriented mind-set throughout the year. It also helps to write your goals down so you can keep a physical record of your growth.

Celebrate small wins to keep the motivation flowing and, soon enough, your progress will unfold before you.

As long as you never lose the taste for learning and expanding, your business will continue to grow according to your goals. Keep an open mind, and don’t discount the progress you make along the way, no matter how large or small.

Kylie Carlson is the owner of the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning. With seven locations globally, the academy boasts an internationally recognized accreditation program that brings professional training to wedding planners, designers and stylists.

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