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Here's What AI Thinks a Barbiecore Wedding Looks Like

Ben Garelick unveils Barbiecore-inspired wedding photo album, tapping into the pop culture phenomenon

As the world revels in Barbie's magic with the release of the latest Barbie movie, Ben Garelick embraces the trend with an AI-generated Barbiecore Wedding Photo Album. Since the movie release, searches for “Barbie wedding” have increased a staggering 400%! In light of this new data the company hopes to inspire future couples and garner the attention of wedding enthusiasts worldwide.

The digital album features categories like wedding dresses, where a long flowing pink dress worn by a plus-size model and a hot pink dress caught the attention. Bridesmaids’ Dresses displayed a blend of western and eastern culture with high neck long sleeve pink dresses and baby pink sarees.

Cakes and desserts featured trending elements like a Barbie pink donut wall and multi-tier whimsical cakes. The AI struggled a bit with invitations, focusing more on beautifully adorned envelopes.

Flower displays were grand, reflecting the doll's taste, with floor-to-ceiling arrangements and stunning centerpieces. For the men, the AI chose pink suits for the groom and full floral looks for the groomsmen.

Pet outfits were not left out either, with bulldogs in pink gowns and princess pigs stealing the show. In a nod to the company's offerings, the AI featured pink rings among the chosen wedding jewelry.

In the transport section, a Barbie-inspired Rolls Royce and a Boho Barbie campervan, both adorned with flowers, take the lead. The venues and décor consisted of dreamhouse-inspired venues, Italian-inspired balconies, and dreamy fantasy locations.

"From toymaker to jeweler, my journey has been one of imagination and creativity," says Peter Manka, Owner of Ben Garelick Jewelers. "As I witnessed the magic of Barbie captivating hearts for generations, I couldn't resist bringing her timeless elegance into the realm of weddings. Using the brilliance of artificial intelligence, we've crafted enchanting Barbie-inspired wedding images to coincide with the release of the new Barbie film. Just like Barbie's influence knows no bounds, love too is limitless, and these images serve as a celebration of that enduring spirit."

Ben Garelick is a distinguished jeweler with a legacy of providing engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry. Based in Buffalo, New York, Ben Garelick has an unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing and proudly offers an extensive range of lab-grown diamonds.  For more information, visit

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