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Lisa Hurley 2017 Photo by White Balance Photography

Pippa’s Wedding: No Wonder Clients are Clueless About Pricing!

One of my favorite news stories this week covered Pippa Middleton’s wedding.

Besides having a stunning bride, millionaire groom and adorable royals as attendants, the wedding included:

  •  350 guests
  •  Abundant floral arrangements of peonies, sweet peas, astilbe, freesia and waxflowers
  •  A 140-foot “glass palace” structure shipped in from Belgium
  • A three-course reception meal that included a trout starter, cannon of lamb, and cheesecake

The cost estimate for this beautiful bash? This article had it “at a massive $432,000.”

So the next time the soon-to-be-weds ask you for peonies and Pommery but at daisy and Diet Coke prices, remember: It’s not entirely their fault!

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