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Potential Guests See Upsides, Downsides to Virtual Weddings, Survey Says

Survey shows guests like the convenience of virtual weddings, but miss the open bars.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today … ” is the start of many wedding ceremonies. But with the COVID crisis crimping the ability to “gather,” how do potential guests feel about virtual weddings? PromoLeaf, which supplies sustainable promotional products, shares the results of its recent consumer survey, which shows both upsides and downsides to virtual nuptials.

ATTENDEE ATTITUDES When respondents were asked, “How do you feel about virtual weddings?” and allowed to select more than one answer, they said:

  • 27 percent think they are a great alternative to in-person weddings.
  • 17 percent are more likely to attend virtually because of budget concerns and the cost of attending in person.
  • 18 percent are more likely to attend virtually because they wouldn’t be able to take time off work to attend in person.
  • 26 percent said virtual weddings take the pressure off guests and show them the couple cares about their safety.
  • 21 percent say they’d rather the couple postpone the wedding than have a virtual one.
  • 23 percent would have no interest in attending a virtual wedding.
  • 12 percent really have no feelings about virtual weddings.

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THE APPEAL OF VIRTUAL WEDDINGS What would encourage people to attend a virtual wedding? When asked and allowed to choose more than one answer, the survey reveals:

  • Just over 19 percent would love the option to dress up.
  • 23 percent would love it if live music was streamed.
  • 23 percent would enjoy catered meals delivered to their door to eat during the reception.
  • 19 percent would love to have decorations they could put up in their own homes to celebrate.
  • One-on-one virtual sessions with the bride and groom would appeal to 19 percent of potential attendees.
  • 24 percent would be enticed by a recording of the event.
  • 24 percent would also love mementos like those offered at an in-person wedding.

REPLACING WHAT’S MISSING How do wedding planners and couples replace what people miss about in-person weddings? When asked and allowed to choose more than one answer, the survey says:

  • 53 percent miss hugs and interacting with the bride and groom, family and friends. One-on-one video sessions are an attempt to duplicate this.
  • 35 percent miss dancing on the dance floor and streaming live music can help ease missing this. "You could even try organizing a virtual dance floor," PromoLeaf says.
  • 29 percent miss buffets, but a wedding meal delivery might help ease hunger pangs.
  • 27 percent miss open bars but in some cities, this can be replaced by apps such as Drizly, Minibar and Winc, which deliver libations to homes. Instead of a location, the open bar "is just tied to a high-limit credit card."
  • 12 percent miss the decorations, but “that can be alleviated by sending decorations for those who want them to put up at home,” PromoLeaf says.
  • 20 percent miss ogling the bride’s dress. “A video shoot might make this possible.”
  • 20 percent miss swag and gift bags--those fun wedding keepsakes. “These could be mailed either before the ceremony or after.”

PromoLeaf conducted the survey with CensusWide see the full report here.

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