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Royal wedding cookies Photo by Ruth Black / © Getty Images

Predicting the Price Tag: What Will Harry and Meghan’s Wedding Cost?

What with a great gown, good food and super security, the tally could hit $45 million, some say.

It might be vulgar to discuss money, but the race is on to predict how much the May 19 wedding of Britain’s Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle will cost. Fox Business quotes a potential figure of $45 million for the affair:

The upcoming “royal wedding” between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could cost as much as $45 million, according to projections by a British wedding planning company reported by The Sun., which touts itself as the “United Kingdom’s number one wedding planning site and app,” calculated how much each element of the royal wedding will cost. The numbers are based on spending for a projected 800 guests at the church ceremony and a lunchtime reception and an additional 2,640 public guests at the reception.

Security costs alone are expected to amount to more than $42 million (£30 million), as authorities deploy snipers, a strong police presence and other measures to protect the high-profile event. Wedding necessities such as Markle’s dress (roughly $420,000), catering for guests ($401,000) and drinks ($270,500) push the final tally  … Fox Business

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