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Revisiting Micro Weddings: Prepare for an Industry Shift

Micro-weddings are no longer a matter of necessity—couples are opting for these intimate events out of choice and are much happier for it.  

Over the course of the pandemic, we saw many couples trim down their guest lists and host much smaller celebrations for their weddings. Micro-weddings grew in popularity as a stopgap and most wedding pros anticipated that they’d lose steam as the industry reopened. Yet, micro-weddings are no longer a matter of necessity—couples are opting for these intimate events out of choice and are much happier for it.  

While the traditional wedding with hundreds of guests isn’t going anywhere, it’s time to welcome in the age of micro-weddings. Rather than a regular wedding with a small guest count, micro-weddings are in a space of their own. With 30 or fewer guests, they are stripped-down versions of a wedding that typically last only two to three hours.  

With an increased focus on creating an exceptional guest experience and a simple way to keep the budget low, couples of all backgrounds are discovering the beauty and convenience of tiny weddings. 

Simply put, micro-weddings are here to stay. 

But what makes them such a great alternative to the usual larger-than-life affair? 

They are easy to plan. 

Less people mean less worries. It’s as simple as that! Micro-wedding planners typically offer all-inclusive packages that handle virtually every detail, so couples just have to show up and say, “I do.” This is particularly appealing to couples who already have so much on their plate that the idea of planning a grand event is overwhelming to say the least. 

They are affordable. 

A micro-wedding budget looks much different than that of a traditional wedding. Instead of focusing on the cost per head of 200 people, couples can dedicate more of their budget to interactive elements, lavish décor, or an epic honeymoon—and still save some money in the process. It’s a much more economical route that allows more freedom in the budget. 

They are accessible. 

Many of the typical “wedding traditions” are heteronormative and exclusive of couples who do not fit into society’s narrow worldview. As the world changes, micro-weddings are a safe and flexible way to have whatever wedding a couple wants. They are inclusive and accessible, ensuring that everyone—couples and guests alike—feel welcomed.  

With micro-weddings becoming a norm in today’s industry landscape, here’s what you need to know about meeting couples’ expectations and pulling one off with ease. 

Recognize that micro-wedding couples are not your average client. 

Couples who want the smaller, more intimate experience for their big day are different from the clients you may be used to working with in the past. They are opting for a small wedding because they want something easy, non-traditional, budget friendly, and/or they are simply introverted people who don't want a big party. 

Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. 

Micro-wedding couples are more inclined to unique and memorable experiences, so there’s no need to follow tradition and stick to the usual ways of planning a wedding. Consider selecting a venue that doesn’t typically do weddings, like a park or boutique store, or building an innovative menu built on culinary innovation. Weekday and morning weddings (hello, brunch!) are always great ways to break the mold. 

Discuss live streaming options. 

Just because a couple wants to keep their wedding small doesn’t mean they don’t want to share it with friends and family. We saw live streaming rise as a wedding trend during the pandemic, and it’s not going anywhere. If your couples want to keep their in-person guest list small while inviting others to tune into the ceremony, be prepared to discuss options for live streaming through apps or A/V production companies. 

In many ways, the pandemic has given couples permission to have the small, no-fuss wedding they’ve always wanted but may have felt pressured away from in the past. Celebrating a marriage is not about spending a fortune to have the most Insta-worthy wedding; it’s about creating a space filled with love, intimacy, and appreciation for all in attendance. 

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