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The Top 5 Spring 2023 Wedding Trends to Watch

Wedding inspiration for the new season

The days are getting longer and tulips are beginning to bloom, which means one thing: the spring season is here! This year, we have our eyes on the fresh batch of wedding trends that are sure to inspire any couple planning their wedding day. 

From unique décor schemes to unexpected color palettes, these trends are all about embracing the beauty of springtime and making it a central part of your client's special day. So, whether it is an intimate celebration or a grand soiree, we are sure that these trends will make this year’s spring weddings unforgettable. 

Boutique Garden and Covered Patio Spaces 

It is no wonder that many couples choose outdoor venues for spring weddings, but we are expecting to see even more this year in boutique-scale gardens and covered patio venues that are a little off the beaten path. 

Wildflower gardens and rustic patios always make for beautiful wedding backdrops, but we love that it also allows couples to enjoy the natural beauty of spring. With warmer months ahead, an added bonus is that you and your guests can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

While the scenery is a huge draw, we also get excited about garden and patio venues because of their flexibility in terms of decor and styling. With nature as a canvas, brides and grooms can go in so many different directions to incorporate their vision and your personal style. 

Pastel Color Palettes

While we love a bold color scheme, we are seeing soft, pastel colors make a comeback for the spring season. We expect to see luxury weddings with palettes featuring blush, mint, lavender, baby blue, and others this year. 

Pastel colors can be a great choice for a wedding because they are soft, romantic, and timeless. To us, the key to creating a beautiful pastel color scheme is to choose one or two main colors and then anchor them with complementary tones, accents, and texture. To name a few, these are some of the spring palettes our team is working on this season: 

  • Blush pink and ivory anchored with deep navy blues
  • Sage green, lavender, and coral with pops of hunter green and textures to contrast
  • Rose gold, peach, and warm white paired with gold leave and rustic wooden materials

Non-Traditional Food and Drinks

We have probably all seen our fair share of dinner setups that require choosing chicken or fish. To mix things up, we are on the watch for more couples to lean into non-traditional wedding reception menus. By incorporating non-traditional food and drink options into their wedding, couples can create a unique and memorable experience for their guests. Moreover, some of these options can also be a way to save money on, support local businesses, and map a sustainable wedding (see trend #5!). 

In Spring 2023, we anticipate some of these not-so-average concepts to be on the rise: 

  • Food trucks: This one could easily be our top pick. Food trucks are a popular option for couples who want a more casual and interactive dining experience for their guests. They also offer a wide variety of cuisine options and can accommodate different dietary needs. To host food trucks, we always recommend starting with a venue that is not only conducive to having them but confirms that they allow having them. 
  • Brunch: Who said weddings need to happen over dinner? Hosting a wedding over brunch can be fun and unexpected. It can also be cost-effective as many venues charge less to host daytime functions. 
  • Dessert bars: Dessert bars not only make for beautiful photo opps, but they can be an interactive and surprise option for guests who have a sweet tooth. One of our favorite ways to plan a dessert bar is to allow guests to choose from a variety of desserts and then build their own. 

Bohemian Vibes

Bohemian-inspired weddings with a relaxed and free-spirited atmosphere are certainly becoming popular. Not only are they beautiful, but they can lend themselves to a more laid back or personable atmosphere, as these traits are at the core of a boho style. 

We know that more Bohemian-style weddings are just around the corner for Spring 2023, and we can’t wait to see some key design elements featured.

  • Earthy, muted tones, such as beige, brown, and green 
  • Natural materials like wood, burlap, and linen
  • Mixed-metal décor featuring gold, rose gold, and brass
  • Vintage and handmade elements including vintage furniture, pottery, and ceramics 

Sustainable Weddings

We hope this is a “trend” that is here to stay! More and more couples are opting to host eco-friendly weddings that prioritize sustainability and minimal waste are becoming more popular in recent years. The wedding industry has a huge impact on the environment, and it is great to see that people are opting to plan weddings that contribute to it.

To us, the most important thing to know is that any wedding can opt to be more environmentally friendly while still maintaining an incredible design and balanced budget. For couples that are actively planning, we always recommend starting with a few key steps:  

  • Consider green venues: Look for wedding venues that have eco-friendly practices, using renewable energy, composting food waste, and using sustainable materials. 
  • Incorporate eco-friendly decor: Avoid single-use decorations and opt for sustainable decor options. Potted plants, recycled materials, and reusable décor are some of our favorites. 
  • Locally sourced menus: Consider restaurants and caterers that use locally sourced, organic, and seasonal ingredients. 
  • Reduce travel emissions: Encourage guests to carpool or use public transportation to reduce the carbon footprint of their travel. Consider hosting the ceremony and reception at the same venue to minimize transportation.
  • Plan to donate leftover food and flowers: Donate any leftover food to a local food bank or shelter and flowers to a nursing home or hospital to reduce waste. 

Overall, we can’t help but notice that this year is all about embracing spring’s natural style. From outdoor venues, earthy design, to eco-friendly planning, we are thrilled that all eyes seem to be focused on creating genuine and soulful atmospheres. 

Lauren Luberger is the owner and founder of City & Terrace. She has over fifteen years of experience planning weddings and other celebrations in New York City and over 100 additional cities within the fine arts, celebrity, and luxury destination spaces. Lauren is known for her distinct attention to detail, naturalistic design style, and ability to seamlessly devise logistics for even the most complex productions. 

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