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Wedding PR: Pitching to Podcasts

You can make yourself a wedding industry star by perfecting your podcast skills.

The face of PR never stops changing. If you haven’t picked up the podcast habit yet, you really need to start exploring it now, both as a listener and as a contributor. Podcasts--which are digital audio or video files that listeners can download on demand--offer the perfect opportunity for you to express yourself, demonstrate your expertise, and shape the industry by offering education to colleagues and prospective clients alike.

Getting started in podcasting as a guest takes a bit of technical knowledge, some creativity and organization, and some patience. But once you get started, you’ll find it almost impossible to stop. So where should you begin?

1. Do Your Research
As with every aspect of your public relations and marketing strategy, research is the place to start. Try to find podcasts that fit your area of expertise, your market and your target audience. Look at a list of past topics and find an area that the podcast hasn’t covered that would be valuable to their listeners. Then listen to several episodes to get a feel for the podcast’s communications, focus and personality. It will help you set the proper feel and tone in your pitch.

2. Develop Topic Ideas
Sketch out what you would talk about if you were a guest. Make sure they are subjects about which you have considerable knowledge, as you’ll need to be able to talk for quite a while. Assemble at least two to three possible topics with intriguing descriptions to send to the podcast content manager.

3. Prepare Your Submission
Always start with reviewing your target media’s submission guidelines and begin gathering the necessary components. If there are deadlines, meet them. If a site with helpful guidelines for prospective guests is not available, try to contact the host by email to introduce yourself and politely ask how to be considered. Also ask for the site’s technical requirements so you can make tweaks or technical upgrades if necessary.

 4. Rehearse and Jump In
Review the notes you made about your topic and continue to flesh out your ideas until you have more than enough great material to talk about. Triple-check your tech, as nothing is more embarrassing than being scheduled but not able to record and participate. Then be an active part of the promotional process before, during and after your appearance. Drawing in an audience for a site that is featuring you as an expert is always appreciated. Most importantly, be grateful and courteous to increase the possibility of being asked back.

The popularity of podcasts suggests that they are here for the long run. Adapt your PR plan now to include them among your various avenues for exposure--and have fun!

Meghan Ely is the owner of wedding marketing and wedding PR firm OFD Consulting, which specializes in getting wedding professionals their brides. She is a highly sought after industry speaker and serves as a public relations adjunct professor for Virginia Commonwealth University, specializing in PR writing and brand promotion.


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