wedding planner driven crazy Photo by Bevan Goldswain / © Getty Images

You're Not Alone: A Wedding Planner Shares 10 Ways Clients Drive Us Nuts

A wedding planner lists the 10 top ways clients drive her crazy.

The mystery budget, the end run about the planner to the vendor, ignoring the true cost of flowers … If your bridal clients are driving you crazy, you are not alone. Here, a wedding planner lists the top 10 ways clients defeat their working relationship with her:

As a planner, I am often drowning in difficult and unattainable requests from clients. While I'd like to think that I'm great at handing the impossible and making dreams come true, there are some things that clients do that just take it to the next level of impossible. I'm betting that plenty of other planners would agree ... and for that reason, I am sharing my top 10 list of ways that you can or will drive your planner crazy … Huffington Post

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