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And the Gala Award Goes To.... TTKK.9 Love Radio

Part 8 in our Gala Award Feature Series

All photos courtesy Brandy Studio 

Gala Award for the Category Best Wedding 

Immersive events are on everyone’s minds, but what about immersive weddings? That’s exactly what Wei Zhang and Beijing Chaoran Yingfeng Consulting Co., Ltd created that won them the Gala Award for Best Wedding. Since the wedding couple were musicians and music lovers, Zhang created an immersive radio experience for their special day. Using the words “music” and “love” to guide the process, Zhang took the story of the two musicians’ love for music and each other to create a radio station with a life-size record player where the ceremony took place. 

Zhang started with the space and used visual elements inspired by musical composition. If music could be seen, that’s what the event space looked like. Using curves, neon lights, fresh and full table flower art, a large-area flower wall decoration, and a yin yang decoration, the scene was set as a romantic, inspiring, energetic space. From the moment guests walked in, they were transported into another world. The story of the wedding couple was told through a customized radio jingle that played aloud and a party favor magazine that narrated the story of their love. Combining their initials, TT and KK, with the number 9, which had significance in their relationship, the radio station name was born.

The ceremony was unconventional; there was no typical officiant but the DJ led the occasion, sitting from their booth. The couple was officially presented while tunes they chose played, announcing the beginning of the ceremony. The wedding banquet space was decorated like a radio station, and after the “live broadcast,” the area was transformed into a nightclub called the TTKK.9 Love Bar. 

Throughout the night, guests participated in an interactive game themed after a turntable, and using skills acquired from a swing dance coach who taught on-site before the party, danced in rhythm appreciating the music in fullness. 

As is on-brand for Zhang, who also won a Gala Award for the category of Total Décor, the immersive storytelling of the event was designed to inspire guests on a deeper level. “This wedding also advocates that we use music and love to heal people more,” she said in her submission. “Especially now [after COVID], music and love can give more power to all humankind. Music and love are not just slogans, but the meaning given by the countless days of love behind those symbols. This is also my definition of planning and designing the best wedding.” 

Congratulations to Beijing Chaoran Yingfeng Consulting Co., Ltd for producing TTKK.9 Love Radio! 

Throughout the summer, we will be featuring these winners and their spectacular events on the blog, so get inspired and get your event submitted for a 2023 Gala Award!   
Read our submission blog post to learn more about submitting your event.  

Important Dates  

  • Jan. 1st, 2022-Nov. 30, 2022 | Eligibility Period for Entries  
  • Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2022 | Regular submission deadline ($99 fee)  
  • Thursday, Dec. 15, 2022 | Late Bird submission deadline ($160 fee) 
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