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Rally in the Fourth with a Win

The Catersource ACE and Special Events Gala awards portal is now open!

I’m writing this at the end of the third quarter. Here’s a way to grab onto something good and work toward rallying in the fourth. The Catersource ACE and Special Events Gala awards portal is now open. 

The good news: the timeframe for the event is from September 30, 2019 (pre-COVID!) through to December 31, 2020. 

We’ve reworked categories to reflect all of the changes we’ve had to go through this year. Added new ones, condensed others. One new category I’m pretty excited about is Product Innovation. For the first time ever, product manufacturers can enter a new product that has helped solve a problem for the catering and/or events industry. We’ve definitely needed our vendor partners to get us through some of the restrictions in place, or even just made our work a little easier, our events a little more beautiful.

We’ll be celebrating the nominees and the winners online, in the magazines, and of course, at the conference and tradeshow next July 2021. 

Let’s all look toward the positive of a job well done and the beautiful events that make life worth living. 

You have some time to pull your submission(s) together—four whole months—so start thinking now and then head on over to the portal to start your process. 


Have a terrific week!

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