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Sponsored Blogs on

Here is this highly popular site:

And here is how you can be part of it:

What benefits sponsors receive: Sponsored Blogs are blasted out to the entire subscriber base (25,000 registered subscribers) of Special Events Eventline. The blog also resides on the Home Page for a week, then moves the Special Events Blog feed for one year.

What we need:

(1) Length: Blog text should be between 500 and 1,000 words. Please send as a Word document; please do not format text.

(2) Content must include the byline of the author, his/her headshot (a jpeg, at least 1 MG in size), an email address for that person, and a 1-paragraph biography.

(3) Photos: Sponsored Blogs can include up to 3 photos (in addition to the author's headshot). Photos must be JPEGs, landscape orientation, at least 1 MG in size. Photos may not include text, but please send photo captions to accompany the images. Please send photos as attachments; please do not embed them in your text.

(4) Links: Special Events will include up to 5 live links, in addition to the company link that appears in the author's biography. No hidden links or tracking pixels are permitted.

(5) Deadlines: All items above must arrive 2 weeks prior to publishing date. All Sponsored Blogs must be prepaid.

(6) Cost is $850.


Please note:

Sponsored Blogs are designed to be promotion pieces for the sponsors. Special Events reserves the right to edit text for clarity and grammar. Text that defames others will not be accepted. Special Events will send one edited text for final approval. Changes made by the Sponsored Blogger after this point are subject to additional fees.

All Sponsored Blogs will be labeled as "Sponsored Content."

Special Events will promote the posts in social media (Twitter, Facebook) using the hashtag #SpecialEventsBlog

Sponsored Blogs will be removed from after one year unless additional payments are made.

Name of Company:__________________________________

Address: __________________________________________



Email: ____________________________________________

Phone:  ___________________________________________

Web site:__________________________________________

Requested Start Date: _______________________________


Please fill in the following so we may complete your order.  The credit card charge will appear as PENTON MEDIA.   Please keep the completed form for your records.


Cardholder Name: _____________________________________________________

Credit Card #: _________________________________________________________

Expiration Date:  ___________________________

Signature: ________________________________

Billing Address if different from above:



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