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Fashion cycles—and recycles!

Fashion cycles—and recycles!

As most of you fashionistas already know, fashion runs in cycles from decade to decade. The styles and colors are influenced by various factors such as social and economic climates and generally incorporate original ideas from previous decades to create new style ideas or fads. These styles and colors will ultimately influence home and event decor, especially with wedding design.

“So soon as a fashion is universal, it is out of date.” --Marie Von Ebener-Eschenbach

Currently we are experiencing an eclectic mix of trends from the '80s and '90s, and even a bit of the '60s and '70's. I’m sure some of you wish you had not tossed your old Izod shirts, Sperry Top-Siders, or Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses! Or, how about those old high-waisted jeans and jersey dresses? Retro Pucci, paisley and bold prints from the past have been updated to look more contemporary. Stripes, polka dots and the zig-zag chevron, for example, are larger prints in various color ways. Whether you love the Ivy League, rocker-chic or retro/vintage indie style, fashion cycles are on hyper-speed and there are no rules to follow, but rather a personal taste based on emotional, mental, cultural and religious views.

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