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Everyone's going green—for event decor and sustainability

Everyone's going green—for event decor and sustainability

As most of you may already know, "Emerald Green" was recently announced as Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year. This color is trending in fashion, home decor and event design! Not only are we seeing this color in linens, florals, cakes and invitations, but the connotation of the word "green" is being used in the overall theme and execution of weddings and special events, too!

The color green is associated with nature, the environment, health, growth and prosperity. It is also an eco-chic term used today to represent sustainability or environmentally friendly practices. Whether you are an event planner or a bride, or personally eco-conscious, there are several trends moving forward to go green!

A healthy lifestyle seems to be one of the biggest trends these days. After a few tough economic years, there seems to be a rise in gym memberships, new types of fitness clubs and competitions, and overall health and wellness! More and more people are interested in “clean” eating, removing gluten from their diets and opting for more “natural” ingredients in their daily menus. Caterers, restaurants and venues are becoming more aware of this need and are providing healthier options for their clientele. And, it is “cool” to “buy local,” so seasonal fruits and vegetables are being sourced through local farmers or food co-ops. Some local farmers are even available to the public! To find farmers, farmers markets and food coops visit

Brides are going green by opting for natural products, such as bamboo for their invitations and printed cotton fabrics, burlap or lace for their table coverings. They are using stylishly recyclable and compostable dinnerware too, such as VerTerra. Brides are choosing potpourri, seeds or teas as favors, or even charitable contributions, and opting to donate leftover food to local homeless shelters or senior care centers.

We are also seeing a rise in “green” building design, as many event venues have been LEED-certified, meaning they follow strict environmental laws and regulations, are energy-efficient and maintain overall “green” operations and maintenance solutions. There are blogs dedicated to creating “green” weddings and events as well. Check out and launching on April 22--just in time for Earth Day!

Creative Coverings knows the importance of sustainability and has implemented several “green” practices to help reduce its carbon footprint “one table cloth at a time”!

“We are thrilled to help reduce our impact on the environment,” says Kate Patay, executive director of sales and marketing, “and pleased we can give our clients the comfort of knowing they are renting from a company who believes in sustainable business practices.” Click here to read about our various eco-chic business solutions!

Nancy Stoltz is director of marketing and design for Creative Coverings, headquartered in Las Vegas.

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