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Give your corporate guests entertainment that they don't expect

Give your corporate guests entertainment that they don't expect

More and more people are heading for exciting and original corporate entertainment services that will take their guests by surprise. By aiming for something original and ambitious, you can make your event more memorable and really make your guests stand up and take notice.

What’s great about some of the more daring corporate entertainment services is that they can usually be tailored closely to your needs and requirements, and if you’ve got a particular theme in mind, it can usually be adopted by them--no matter how original it is.

Bands and comedians can be great choices, but sometimes guests can find them to be predictable. If you really want to turn the heads of your audience, it might make sense to opt for something more spectacular. Let’s take a look at three wild and wonderful corporate entertainment ideas that your guests might not expect.

Girls in 6 foot martini glasses are never likely to go unnoticed, and like the best corporate entertainment performers, they are able to freely mix and mingle with your guests to get the party going in style. Evoking images of Marilyn Monroe or Dita Von Teese, these girls can add a touch of glamorous burlesque to any gathering. You could never be accused of settling for unoriginal entertainment ideas with these figures at the helm. Various themes can be catered for, and photo opportunities should be plentiful, giving your guests something awe-inspiring that they can relive long after the party has ended.

No one could accuse robots of being boring, so if you’re looking for something that will amuse and entertain people from every walk of life, why not opt for ten foot robot for hire? These robots come with features such as lasers that are bound to capture the imagination and bring energy to any environment. Used in conjunction with other entertainers, the robots can be part of any eclectic entertainment mix.

Whatever the scenario, this option is bound to enthral and inspire. Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays or any other corporate occasion, a giant pop out cake is bound to take onlookers by surprise. Again, the cake can be used in conjunction with any type of performer, from a dancing girl to a breath-taking fire act. What’s more is that the cake can hold groups of up to five performers.

The CEP is a U.K.-based entertainment agency specializing in themed and custom entertainment for corporate events and parties.

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