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Michael Caplan

Spending on AV Equipment vs. Communicating Your Message: How do you choose?

Michael Caplan of SensixIs watching a boring program on a bigger TV better? Nope.

Is it better to spend more on big AV without investing in your content production? Nope.

We've all been there: observing from behind the curtain as our six-figure AV shines on an audience that's glazed over or scanning their cellphones. It's enough to drive you to ... what? How about bringing an expert content producer into the mix?

Content production in this hyper media age is a must have. Mass HD production values and Snapchat attention spans require that your content be produced--not just delivered. Special effects can enhance but never replace a solid story and sympathetic presenters.

The right approach to live meeting communication budgets:

Companies spend a small fortune to put butts in seats because nothing can beat the power of meeting face to face. So does it make sense to commit to a large AV supplier quote--and then work out a communications plan with whatever you happen to have left over in your AV budget?

With a properly balanced approach, you shouldn’t have to make that choice.

Your content producer will work out a creative configuration in collaboration with your AV supplier to deliver the biggest bang for the lowest possible equipment outlay. This ensures that your message will be shared effectively on a right-sized AV set-up as determined by the audience size, hall configuration, number of presentation languages and your overall budget … and without sacrificing the quality of the screen content and coaching to ensure the effectiveness of the presenters.

Remember that ultimately, the equipment doesn’t communicate with your audience.  It’s the compelling visuals and sound that connect people emotionally with the presenter and each other.

In our paradigm, content always comes first combined with intelligent AV design. When the lights go down, the mics go hot and the cameras roll, your entire ROI boils down to engaging and moving your audience to the desired action.

Asking your AV guy to produce your content is like asking the plumber to design your kitchen. Content production is an art and a profession... and worth it.

So don't think a bigger screen and surround sound alone will carry the day.  Hire a producer to create an effective stage presentation and put quality on the screen.

Michael Caplan is the founder, producer and creative director of Sensix Communications & Events, a meeting communications and event agency with offices in Montreal and Toronto. He has consistently led his team to Special Events Gala Award nominations and wins.


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