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Cocktail Spotlight: The Fall Spirit

Autumn-inspired cocktails for your next event

When you think of fall, you probably think of pumpkins, changing leaves, and crisp autumn air. It can be an exciting experience reflecting elements of the seasons in your events, and while winter is on the way, we’re going to celebrate fall as long as we can.  

A bar menu that features the flavors of fall is a great way to ground guests in the coziness of the season, but don’t think you have to stop at pumpkin spice and apple cider. Our sister publication Catersource put together some lovely cocktail inspiration, noting that “Beyond fruits and vegetables, the fall also embraces such ‘cozy’ flavor combinations as cinnamon, chai, maple, ginger, butterscotch, bourbon, and salted caramel. With cocktails, smoke also makes a major play.” 

Here are some cocktails that draw from the subtle flavors of fall: 

     1. Burnt Cinnamon Caramel Hard Cider 
     2. Fallen Love (below)

fallen love.png

     3. Autumn Bliss 
     4. Give’Em Pumpkin to Talk About (below)

pumpkin to talk about.png

     5. Harvest Margarita (below)

Harvest Margarita.png

To get the recipes, head over to the full article on Catersource

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