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From Field to Fork

Chefs and caterers are developing a deeper connection with their ingredients by self-sourcing through farming, foraging, and beekeeping

A recent article from Catersource magazine highlighted the ways some caterers are working toward more sustainable, flavorful sourcing—by producing their own ingredients. Talk about hyper local! 

“In the culinary world, chefs and caterers have long been revered for their creativity, skill, and ability to craft exquisite dishes,” the article begins. “However, a new trend is emerging where these culinary maestros are taking their commitment to excellence a step further by producing their own ingredients. From foraging for wild edibles to establishing farms and beekeeping operations, these enterprising professionals are redefining the concept of farm-to-table cuisine.” 

As event pros, it’s imperative to align ourselves with partners who share our values and are contributing toward creating a more sustainable industry. Seeking out caterers who do one of more of the following self-sourcing is a great practical action with real-life sustainability results (plus, self-sourced ingredients lead to higher quality and better tasting food products!): 

  1. Farming
  2. Foraging
  3. Beekeeping

hives 2.jpeg
Jimmy Wessman of Vista Brewing oversees 120 bee colonies through Bottom Stung Beekeepers. Photo courtesy Rafael Tongol. 

Click on each form of self-sourcing to learn more about what some caterers are doing to improve sustainability. 

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