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Mouthwatering Menu Trends for the New Year

A look at where the world of food will be going in 2021.

Donut walls. Action stations. Build-your-own bars. Going into 2020, these trends were considered red hot. Then the pandemic hit and we watched them all get tossed aside in favor of to-go family meals and meal kits. As we look ahead to 2021, the effects of COVID-19 have infiltrated many of the food and beverage trends that are on the horizon, but they are exciting, creative, and, obviously, delicious just the same. 

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2021 is looking to bring diversity by utilizing non-traditional ingredients while ensuring the health and happiness of customers. What's on the menu?  Consumers are looking for food that is high in immunity-boosting ingredients and that offer additional health benefits, which many of the following trends can easily accomplish. Flip through the photo gallery to take a look at these hot trends. 

2021 is shaping up to be a tasty year.  

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