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New Cookie Printer Offered by Primera

Many food items can be branded with the new Eddie cookie printer from Primera.

The Eddie—a NSF- and GMP-certified edible ink printer for printing onto cookies and other food items—is now available from Primera Technology. The machine makes the process of printing onto cookies, candy, white chocolate, biscuits and macarons fast and easy, the company says. The machine prints a dozen 3.5-inch cookies or other similar-sized items in just two minutes. The included carousel feeder rotates the cookies to the print position, the printer pulls in cookies one at a time, then prints and sends them back to the carousel—all automatically and hands-free.

Printed cookies or other food items will be dry and ready to serve immediately after printing. Printed images are bright, vibrant, smudge-resistant and color-matched to ICC Color Standards, the company reports. Find details here.

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