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19th Annual DMC Spotlight

Highlighting the top brands in the world of DMCs

Destination events are incredibly rewarding—but they require a lot of know-how. Each year, we turn to the world of Destination Marketing Companies (DMCs), the experts in destinations and a great resource to the event industry, and feature DMCs from across the globe. Here are the 2024 Spotlight DMCs and all they share, including trend predictions. - Amanda Nicklaus

Under $5 million annual revenue

ACCENT New Orleans Inc., a DMC Network Company
New Orleans, Louisiana
Top Officer Name & Title:
Diane B. Lyons, CMP, DMCP, President & Owner
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 73
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $2.2 million
Capabilities: ACCENT New Orleans, Inc. brings over 33 years of experience in crafting exceptional events that reflect client visions and surpass expectations. As a full-service event planning and destination management company, they specialize in a wide range of events, including incentive and corporate events, galas, receptions, and virtual/hybrid events. Their expertise lies in incorporating unique “Only in New Orleans” moments and entertainment, such as local talent, interactive entertainers, parades, marching bands, artists, caricaturists, and speakers, tailored to each client’s needs to ensure unforgettable experiences. They proudly serve markets both locally and globally, showcasing the vibrant culture and spirit of New Orleans to the world.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: In 2023, ACCENT’s agile team of five full-time employees efficiently managed and executed a total of 73 programs, showcasing their capacity for handling diverse projects with finesse. Their adaptability and commitment to client satisfaction were exemplified by a last-minute request in November. A client approached them needing a team-building project within just 30 days. Despite the busy holiday season, they created a project assembling and distributing 300 hygiene kits to shelters, complete with notes of encouragement. They also handled the logistics of transportation, interactive entertainment, and even a second-line parade—all within the tight deadline. This project’s success, achieved despite the challenges, highlights the team’s ability to thrive under pressure and deliver exceptional results.
Trends to Watch: Tech-savvy generations are redefining destination events. Expect a blend of cutting-edge tech, eco-friendly practices, and experiences tailored to clients. ACCENT is seeing sustainability, virtual elements, personalization, health and safety, immersive experiences, flexible booking, cultural connections, and tech integration as key drivers. These trends are transforming the industry, boosting attendee engagement, and catering to evolving preferences, making events that are not just inclusive, dynamic, and impactful, but also deeply meaningful.

Colours Of Malta
Sliema, Malta
Top Officer Name & Title:
Davide Cachia, Owner & Managing Director
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 54
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $3.6 million
Capabilities: Colours of Malta, established in 1997, is a full-service event and management firm specializing in conference and incentive markets. They offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet individual client needs, from extravagant gala dinners to high adrenaline activities, supported by a multilingual team. Their experience spans across various industries, including high-profile incentive houses, multinational companies in pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and manufacturing sectors. Colours of Malta was the official DMC appointed by the European Union to manage the EU presidency in Malta in 2017 and also handled the largest incentive group for 3000 delegates.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: A noteworthy program for Colours of Malta in 2023 was their collaboration with Hosts Global for the 9th annual Hosts Global Forum. This event was significant as it highlighted Malta’s rich history and its role as a host to various cultures over millennia, providing an exceptional backdrop for this global forum.
Trends to Watch: For destination events in Malta, as well as globally, several key trends are shaping the landscape in 2024. 

  • One significant trend is the continued focus on wellness and work-life balance. Organizers are seeking more immersive experiences that go beyond traditional spa offerings, including mindful activities such as yoga and meditation, and immersive sensory journeys. This trend aligns with a growing emphasis on self-care and the desire for travel experiences that promote mental and physical well-being.
  • Another trend is immersion in local cultures. Travelers increasingly prioritize authentic experiences that allow them to connect with local communities, cultures, and cuisines. Malta has 7000 years of history and is very rich in culture and traditions.
  • Sustainability continues to be a critical concern for travelers, with a significant percentage looking to minimize their environmental footprint and support environmentally friendly destinations. This interest extends to supporting communities still rebuilding from natural disasters and reducing travel with high carbon emissions.

These trends reflect a broader shift towards more personalized, immersive, and sustainable travel and event experiences, influenced by advancements in technology and changing consumer values. 

e2 Destination and Event Management, A Hosts Global Member
Orlando, FL
Top Officer Name & Title:
Erin Cook, President & General Manager
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 75–100
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $4 million
Capabilities: e2 is a full service destination and event management company, serving Orlando, Tampa, St. Pete, St. Pete Beach, Clearwater, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, and Amelia Island. They have been in business for 13 years and are proud to be one of the few woman-owned DMCs in the area. Their services include, but are not limited to, off-site events, themed events, entertainment, transportation management, teambuilding, tours, staffing, and branding. e2 is a proud partner of Hosts Global Destination Services.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: 

  • e2 was honored to help produce the first large corporate event at the Sound Stage 21 at Universal Studios Florida. They worked closely with their Fortune 500 client to transform the black box space into a breathtaking, elegant awards banquet.
  • e2 worked with one of their clients to create a VIP Beachside concert that included classic bands Lynyrd Skynyrd, Boston, and Creed. They brought in beachside-inspired decor and furniture grouping accented with tons of candle centerpieces throughout to set the mood.
  • They did a rocket launch party in conjunction with their client and SpaceX to create an event at the Space Coast that was out of this world!

Trends to Watch: 

  • Clients are being very mindful of their event budgets and putting their dollars toward items that are not only decor but are functional as well; specifically, activation stations such as a backdrop with a logo that is also a photo op. 
  • Wellness and mindfulness activations are popular right now. Some trends include custom essential oil and hand sanitizer stations, as well as zen and relaxation dens to make your own floral bouquets.
  • Activities that allow people to connect, from traditional teambuilding activities to unique opportunities, such as a circus trapeze school. 
  • It’s all about adding bright colors. The whitewash look has been popular the last few years, but we are starting to see bold colors making a comeback, from linens to furniture and beyond.

Imagine Events DMC
Scottsdale, AZ
Top Officer Name & Title:
Heather Husom, Principal
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 30
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $1.4 million
Capabilities: As a full service, creative DMC, Imagine Events has become the premier DMC in Arizona and southwest region. Although the company was started in 2019, Imagine Events is a woman-owned business powered by industry veterans with over 90 years of event, entertainment, and hospitality experience. Specializing in bespoke incentive travel, corporate, and special events, they have proven time and time again that a boutique approach to program needs creates a trusted partnership with clients, thus allowing a creative and outstanding experience for program attendees and stakeholders.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: 

  • A&H Producers Educational Conference - Enchantment Resort and Spa - Sedona, Arizona
  • Winner’s Circle Program - Loews Ventana Canyon Resort - Tucson, Arizona
  • National Kickoff Meeting 2023 - Sheraton Grand Resort at Wild Horse Pass - Phoenix, Arizona
  • Excellence Roundtable - Phoenician Resort & Spa - Phoenix, Arizona

Trends to Watch: 

  • More focus on destination-specific events with correlating program themes
  • Shift in clients moving to attendee self-transfers/transportation
  • Focus on diversity and inclusion creating accessible events and experiences to wider demographics
  • Changes in overall needs as planners and C-level executives shift generationally
  • Push for even more sustainable and low carbon footprint events

NOLA logo.png
New Orleans, LA
Top Officer Name & Title:
Meg Baird, CMP, DMCP, President & Owner
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 75–100
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $3.1 million
Capabilities:  NOLA DMC is a full-service destination management company specializing in the design and implementation of spectacular events, exciting activities, immersive tours, seamless transportation, and flawless program logistics. The dynamic team of professionals brings creativity, precision, and top-notch execution to every project, ensuring clients receive unparalleled hospitality and service. Behind their dynamic team of professionals is Meg, the visionary founder whose impressive accomplishments have earned her a coveted spot on the Forbes Next 1000 Entrepreneurs list in 2021 and a place on the Inc. 5000 list in 2023.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: One of NOLA DMC’s successful events in 2023 was for a global company, based in Latin America. They invited nearly 200 top producers and customers to New Orleans for their semiannual event. NOLA DMC was charged with ensuring the guests were immersed in the New Orleans culture. A challenge was that everything had to be translated into Spanish and Portuguese. It required an immense amount of pre-planning for the team, creating all communications in three languages and bringing on multilingual guides. NOLA DMC coordinated all logistics for this large group—a variety of dinner events, transportation around the city, tours, and entertainment, including a Second Line parade.
Trends to Watch: The current leading trends in the DMC industry are sustainability, wellness, cultural immersion, personalized experiences, and integration of technology. Forecasting for 2024 events presents a unique challenge, mainly due to it being an election year. The uncertainty surrounding political landscapes often leads to corporations delaying event planning until the eleventh hour. DMCs must remain agile and adaptable to meet the evolving needs of their clients amidst this unpredictability.

Roberts Event Group, A Hosts Global Member
Philadelphia, PA
Top Officer Name & Title:
Robert Carachilo, President
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 225
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $3.5 million
Capabilities: Roberts Event Group designs, manages, and produces events. They are a multi-generation, award winning team who service meetings, special events, galas, festival production, entertainment, team building, CSR give-back events, transportation, and staffing as an Event & Destination Management company. As their region has grown and expanded, their clients have taken them to new venues and hotels each year, allowing them to service Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware with the same local knowledge and attention to detail that their reputation is built on. As a leader in Events and Destination Management throughout the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware regions, the Roberts Event Group staff frequently contributes to various publications including Mid-Atlantic Events Magazine.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: 

  • Event for Prince Albert of Monaco with the Grace Kelly Foundation Program
  • Wawa Welcome America July 4 Festival
  • University of Scranton Capital Campaign Gala 2023
  • Villanova University OPUS Awards
  • Congressional Research Services 2023
  • Philadelphia Polo Classic

Trends to Watch: Immersive event venues moving away from traditional settings will remain popular and sought after. Technology integration such as holograms and interactive video walls will be used for branding and guest interaction. Gourmet food stations, plant-based food choices, and craft brews and spirits are popular for a local flair.

Techne Events
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Top Officer Name & Title:
Jennifer Dolnik, Owner & President
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 20–25
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $1 million+
Capabilities: With offices located in Vancouver and Las Vegas, Techne Events operates in the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and overseas. Services include site selection, event production, event planning, event design, technical production, brand design, activations, corporate incentive groups, awards shows, activities, and digital content. They do extensive research and relationship building in various destinations and give their clients the very best of what’s out there. The owners of Techne Events have been in the industry for over 20 years, and the team members have years to decades of experience producing, planning, and executing events.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: 

  • A full buyout at a resort in Texas: 100+ on-site crew, eight events, two ballrooms, big production, custom stages, 35 musicians, hall of fame, a rodeo, 1,100 guests, two galas, afterparty, welcome reception, PGA golf demos, goat yoga, line dancing, and a western boot store.
  • 450 rooms in Miami at a 5-star resort: 4-day event with big production, 150+ production team members, big entertainment, custom client and event branding, 2 awards galas, pool parties, beach activations, welcome event, afterparty at LIV nightclub, one event on a 220-foot yacht, and a final night at Wynwood Walls.
  • In addition, multiple other events that include award shows, brand launches, and galas at top Mexican, US, and Canadian destination cities like Miami, LA, the Mayan Riviera, Brooklyn, Chicago, and many more. Programs range from 300–1500 guests.

Trends to Watch: The biggest trends Techne Events is seeing include more experiential design and implementation in events, as well as use of technology and immersion. Clients want more customization of their events that plays into the destinations they are traveling to. In addition to that, Techne Events is finding that clients and groups are more open to traveling to destinations not necessarily considered before. They want to offer groups unique experiences. Clients want custom event experiences that make their attendees feel different, as well as events that continue to leave an impact long after the event is over!

Uniquely Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
Top Officer Name & Title:
Maria DeBenedetto, President
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 275–300
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $4 million
Capabilities: Uniquely Philadelphia specializes in live event design in the PA, DE, NJ, DC and Atlantic City areas. Uniquely Philadelphia has been designing custom live event experiences for more than 25 years, inspiring audiences and creating powerful brand narratives through innovative design, strategic solutions, and seamless execution. At the core of the company lies a commitment to integrity and relationships. These are the foundations on which their business was built and ultimately to what they attribute their success. Respect, trust, and honesty are the principles that guide everything they do at Uniquely Philadelphia.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: Events for 6ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade, GoPuff, RedBull, Volvo, Capitol One, Philadelphia Marriott Downtown Flower Show Customer Weekend
Trends to Watch: AI and digital technology, diverse accessibility for all, sustainability, event wellness/ health conscious to inspire and energize, highly curated F&B, engaging event attendees creatively and uniquely, ensuring events leave lasting impressions, and alignment on client goals integrated in event experience

$5 million to $10 million annual revenue

Advantage Destination & Meeting Services
Advantage Logo Hi Res.jpg
Miami Beach, FL
Top Officer Name & Title:
Jim Post, DMCP, President & Partner
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 300+
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $8.4 million
Capabilities: Celebrating their 25th anniversary as a wholly independent, full-service DMC, Advantage DMS is based in Miami, servicing the State of Florida and beyond. Their key destinations are Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Orlando, and the Gulf Coast cities of Naples, Marco Island, and Tampa. Their full-time staff of 20 includes a full service Creative and Design Team, creating in-house, full-scale decor and event productions.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: This past season, Advantage DMS successfully planned and executed their single largest program in the company’s history. Their European client experienced a 5-day program that included offsite buy outs of Frost Museum and a spectacular Speak Easy at Dupont Bank that required two days of build out to offer customized dance floor staging, customized crystal chandeliers and a cast of professional dancers that wowed the guests. The high-end caterer created a five-course dinner served on antique glassware and guests could “gamble” in the walk-in safe of the bank.
Trends to Watch: Advantage DMS is finally seeing a longer planning window into program development, pacing well ahead of 2023 for their 2024 clients. Trends still include sustainability, re-use of product, and giving back to communities. The optics of a program are also important to clients as they want to be viewed as spending with intent and not frivolously.

Connect DMC, a Hosts Global Member
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Top Officer Name & Title:
Benoit Sauvage, CMP, CITP, DMCP, CEO
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 200+
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $5 million
Capabilities: Connect DMC celebrates 25 years servicing meetings and incentives in Mexico and the Caribbean. Over the last years, they strategically expanded from Punta Cana to Los Cabos, Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Puerto Vallarta, demonstrating measured growth. They have invested in a robust support system that has resulted in quicker turnarounds, enhancing client satisfaction. Connect DMC also became a Biosphere Committed company, emphasizing sustainability as a key differentiator.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: 

  • Punta Cana - The largest with 2400 pax: IT Client, attendees from around the world, 190K revenue
  • Los Cabos - The biggest revenue for one program: US Healthcare supplier, 1.1 million pax in two waves, all luxury services, off-site dinning, high end gifting, decor, entertainment
  • A first-time customer with a complex program: Automotive company from North America, 230K in revenue, complex program with upscale requests, off-site dining, decor, activities and luxury transfers

Trends to Watch: 

  • Season extended! Groups are booking outside of typical high season dates such as June, August, September, and October. 
  • VIP programs within the program: Some of Connect DMC’s clients started to venture into ultra luxe experiences.

Madrid, Spain
Top Officer Name & Title:
Nacho Ferrando, CEO
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 40
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $5 million
Capabilities: Spaintacular has been in the market since 1973 and is the longest established DMC in the country. Covering the whole of Spain including the islands, they deliver services for the meetings and incentive industry with special emphasis on event production and entertainment. This allows them to be the most awarded DMC in Spain with multiple industry awards.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: Spaintacular services a large number of the major US third parties as preferred supplier. Their most remarkable 2023 program was Cisco Sales Champions Winners Circle, an incentive for 450 guests who won two ADMEI awards and were a finalist for the Site Crystal awards.
Trends to Watch: 2024 will be a great year. Spaintacular is still influenced by the aftermath of the pandemic, handling a mix of programs that were postponed to 2022 but didn’t find availability in 2024 and new requests. Planification is going back to the regular time frames, and short term is slowly reducing.

Ultimate Ventures, A DMC Network Company
Ultimate Ventures.png
Dallas, TX
Top Officer Name & Title:
Laurie Sprouse, CITE, CMP, DMCP, President
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 100–120
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $7.5 million
Capabilities: Serving Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 30 years, Ultimate Ventures (UV) is the only certified women-owned and ADMEI-accredited DMC in North Texas. UV has consistent 4.9+ out of 5.0 client satisfaction ratings and the deepest long-term relationships with their vendors. As the most awarded corporate event and destination management company in Texas, UV uses its expertise to give its clients the ultimate peace of mind.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: Ultimate Ventures worked on two high-profile conventions that showcased Dallas to meetings, events, and convention planners. Partnering with Visit Dallas on the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) convention in August and on the International Association of Exhibitions & Events (IAEE) Expo! Expo! in December, they were honored to help Dallas be seen as the shining star it is!
Trends to Watch: The destination of Dallas is undergoing major growth. The city’s Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center has begun its expansion and will be undergoing renovations until 2029. This will allow greater opportunity for non-convention business to find hotel rooms and meet in downtown Dallas.

$10 million to $20 million annual revenue

Corinthian Events
Corinthian Events.png
Boston, MA
Top Officer Name & Title:
Courtney Church, Co-CEO & Partner
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 130
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $11 million
Capabilities: Corinthian Events has been in business for 24 years. They cover all of New England with their headquarters based in Boston and have an office in Newport, RI. They have a registration department in-house, as well as a graphic designer. Corinthian offers venue selection and contract negotiation, transportation logistics, hospitality staff, airport meet and greet, event design and decor, A/V production and specialty lighting, local and national entertainment, speakers and headliners, creative branding and graphic design, registration build out and technology, food and beverage management, etc.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: Corinthian worked with a client to help support an 800+ person incentive in London in January 2023. With so many local corporations and organizations in New England, they worked with a lot of clients in their backyard, assisting with non-profit galas, company outings, and meeting planning services. They worked on the Ocean Race event in Newport, which was a huge success.
Trends to Watch: A unique entertainment that really changes things up for the guest experience, drones are on the rise. Sustainability is back, so trying to utilize more sustainable vendors, especially ones that focus on DEI initiatives is important to clients these days.

INNOVATX Events, A Global DMC Partner
Austin, TX
Top Officer Name & Title:
Emily Kratt, Managing Director
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 100
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $10 million
Capabilities: INNOVATX Events, A Global DMC Partner stands as the premier Destination Management Company (DMC) across Texas, setting the gold standard for event planning and execution in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. With unparalleled expertise and a deep understanding of each city’s unique charm and offerings, INNOVATX Events crafts unforgettable experiences tailored to clients’ visions and goals. From seamless logistics to innovative solutions, they excel in curating exceptional events that leave a lasting impression. Their commitment to excellence, combined with their extensive local networks and insider knowledge, ensures that every detail is meticulously executed.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: 

  • A 1500-person two-wave program at Fairmont Austin where they offered 30 different unique excursions and arrival and departure transportation.
  • 350-person incentive at the Westin Galleria in Houston where they managed all transportation, VIP excursions and unique offsite events at the Lone Star Flight Museum, George Ranch, and Minute Maid Park.
  • A 3000-person San Antonio convention where they completely built out decor and large-scale installations at the convention center. In addition, they provided entertainment and activations for their welcome reception and final evening.

Trends to Watch: Sustainability-focused initiatives are becoming a huge focus. INNOVATX is being asked to find ways to support the local community where the event is hosted by using small local businesses and finding small charitable ways to give back. Custom branding is another big trend for 2024. Finding ways to build in messaging and branding in unique and creative ways is a big ask. Lastly, there is a larger focus on diversity and inclusion. Finding ways to make sure all feel included and comfortable in the activities or venues is very important.

$20 to $100 million in revenue

Destination Concepts inc (DCi)
San Diego, CA
Top Officer Name & Title:
Brynne Frost, CEO
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 175 Programs/1000 Events
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $40 million
Capabilities: For 26 years, DCi’s passionate approach to creating groundbreaking events has put them at the top of the list for meeting planners across industries. They are a WBENC certified women-owned and operated business who present inclusive, sustainable, and locally driven ideas to create inspiring events for all. Their much-appreciated team of 95 full-time regional experts and nationwide innovators craft events using the hottest trends to elevate what makes a city shine. To date, they have operated in 43 states and numerous countries where clients count on their proactive mindset and creative solutions. DCi stands apart with a must-have blend of consistency, specialty services, an exclusive design studio, and unparalleled logistical depth. They continue to put clients first, supporting them every step of the way from creative ideation to sound operational strategies.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: 2023 was filled with incredible WOW moments in their coast-to-coast destinations and abroad. The team excelled at designing and producing experiences in a range of sizes, budget, and scope. 

  • In San Diego, the team successfully operated a four-day program with 9,500 attendees that encompassed 12 hotel properties, a detailed logistical transportation plan in partnership with San Diego International Airport, a buyout of PETCO Park, extensive branding/wayfinding, and more!
  • In Nashville, TN, the team operated the FIRST-EVER buyout of the Assembly Food Hall complete with custom branding, eight local musical acts, three name acts, and activations. 
  • The artistic minds of the In-House design team were instrumental in transforming The Mint in San Francisco into a multi-sensory Wonderland experience for a three-wave incentive program.
  • A longtime client leveraged DCi’s creative depth and knowledge of their programs, tapping the team as a consultant to create dynamic moments for their events in Spain—DCi’s designers loved seeing the events come to life in Barcelona! 
  • Feel good moments including supporting clients in fulfilling NetZero goals, reaching the goal for internal spend with Diverse Suppliers, earning a Best Places to Work award, and giving to charitable causes that are near to their teams’ hearts.

Trends to Watch: The DCi team is developing event experiences where meaningful meets whimsical, giving attendees memorable moments that also meet their expectation of events being inclusive and positively affecting the community. They put great thought into creating events for all using simple yet effective solutions like Chill Zones within lively events, stretch breaks between sessions, CSR components that are destination centric, and more. They see clients looking at new and upcoming destinations for their events driven by hotel properties that have come online. Frisco, TX is trending in a big Texas-sized way and the team has seen tremendous interest across Miami, Las Vegas, California, and Arizona thanks to new and renovated properties. Planners are looking for fresh locations for repeat attendees to add another wow factor for their events.

ETHOS Event Collective
ETHOS logo.png
Deerfield Beach, FL
Top Officer Name & Title:
Joe Fijol, DMCP, Principal
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 500
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $32 million
Capabilities: A purpose-driven destination and event management company, ETHOS Event Collective seeks to become a trusted, strategic ally to businesses by creating authentic experiences that align with clients’ goals, delight audiences, and generate impactful outcomes. ETHOS provides award winning meeting and event services in Amelia Island, Chicago, Grand Cayman, Las Vegas, Miami, Monterey and Carmel, Napa and Sonoma, Naples, Orlando, Palm Beach, San Francisco, and Savannah. Leveraging technology, research, measurement and destination expertise, programs are designed to spark engagement that generates ROI for the client and opportunity for the destination.  Through a robust service menu that compliments DMC services and successfully generates ROI for both clients and the community, ETHOS hopes to inspire others to join them in their purpose—giving back to the people and places that make the experiences they create possible. Additional services include creative strategy, ROI research and measurement, tailored technology solutions, meeting and educational content, destination and event management services and customized consulting.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: One of the standout moments by ETHOS Event Collective was the most recent FICP event, a canvas where they could paint with production and show flow and craft an unforgettable experience. The theme proposed—the Florida Everglades—raised some eyebrows, with concerns that it might be too “swampy” for a high-value event. The vision in the creative team’s mind was just out of the box enough to turn some heads, and although there were some doubts, the team was trusted to run with it. Breaking the stigma, the team transformed the concept into a breathtaking reality that captivated the hotel and earned their nod of approval. On the day of the event, attendees entered the room, expressions transitioned from curiosity to awe, and the event culminated in applause as the dessert table descended from the ceiling—that was the magic. Despite initial uncertainties, having a leader who may not fully grasp the vision but supports and trusts in it, and then seeing the final product exceeds expectations and amazes the guests—now that’s a moment etched in time!
Trends to Watch: 

  • Mobile tech is imperative, so DCi’s in-house technology team created a stand-alone app that connects planners and participants, with live access to registration numbers, program agendas, billing information and messaging. 
  • Sustainability as a rule, not a trend: The COP26 Sustainability Report has conducted extensive research on sustainable events. Key considerations in planning include addressing economic and climate concerns, fostering partnerships, promoting sustainable behavior, encouraging healthy living, utilizing responsible resources, and leaving a lasting sustainable legacy. DCi’s commitment to building communities through responsible planning drove their partnership with Fill It Forward, creating interactive, global giving initiatives that inspire the world to reuse.
  • Engagement: Statistically, eventgoers are more satisfied with events when they feel there is a valuable learning component or key takeaway. People are connecting to content more than ever. Creating relationships between brands and people, materials and purpose, and relationships with value will drive attendance and profits for years. The most important part of your planning process is designing for key stakeholders to be impressed and wanting more.

Terramar DMC, A DMC Network
Terramar logo.png
Coronado, CA
Top Officer Name & Title:
Sunny Irvine, Owner & CEO
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 500
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $25 million
Capabilities: Founded in 1994, with roots that go back over 45 years in the DMC world through the original San Francisco office (Cappa & Graham), Terramar DMC operates across Mexico, Panama, California, Nevada, and beyond. From event design and production, to staffing, transportation, and activities, Terramar DMC can assist with programs of any size and providing unparalleled service and experiences.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: From providing the surprise and delight at a 45,000-person 3-day event in San Francisco, to designing and producing multiple meeting and event industry-focused incentives, Terramar has raised the bar in creative event design and execution. Most notable: 

  • Terramar participated in the DMC Network Exchange, which brought 60 top clients to Milan for four days of curated experiences. They hosted Terramar’s Annual Signature Event at the Conrad Punta de Mita for 35 top clients and were the DMC of choice for five broker events in various regions and countries, with their favorite being in Napa Valley with 180 of our closest friends.
  • Award Winning insurance company incentive event in Punta Mita, Mexico, including a CSR program where more than 2,500 boxes of hope containing food items for one week for a family impacted more than 7,000 people in need. Terramar’s artisan marketplaces were also a fundamental part of incentive programs in Mexico, very well received by most of the group programs looking for a responsible way of traveling and give back to the visited destinations while their guests enjoyed beautiful hand-made gifts.

Trends to Watch: The biggest trends are new locations that have yet to be on people’s radar, experiencing unique regions and venues. Sustainable events, as well as inclusively designed experiences, are top of Terramar’s radar, as well as quality over quantity with attendees. There’s a higher spend per person to create a memorable experience that creates deeper and more meaningful connections. Terramar forecasts:

  • Sustainability: Lowering the carbon footprint of programs is increasingly important
  • Luxury accommodations: Still valued as an integral part of a successful incentive program
  • New destinations: 66% of participants desire new destinations
  • All-inclusive resorts: 51% prefer all-inclusive resorts
  • Destinations closer to home: 49% seek destinations closer to home
  • Participants desire something beyond the ordinary beach vacation and are interested in options such as exhilarating off-roading trips or ziplining through the jungle

360 Destination Group
360DG Logo.jpg
Irvine, CA
Top Officer Name & Title:
Shelly Archer, Managing Partner & Trevor Hanks, DMCP, Managing Partner
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 750
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $75 million
Capabilities: For over 45 years, the team at 360 Destination Group have been the go-to gurus for crafting events that break the corporate mold. Their secret sauce? A customized approach that turns stuffy meetings into unforgettable experiences that’ll have attendees talking for years to come. From concept to execution, the rockstar team at 360DG isn’t just thinking outside the box—they’re flipping it, shaking it, and giving it a whole new groove. Services include: event design and development, unique décor and theme concepts, team building, CSR programs, off-property venue selection, entertainment, professional event staffing, group transportation, client gifting, dine-arounds, tours, activities, registration desks, and hospitality room solutions. Their team of over 170 movers and shakers are turning heads in 18 major destinations nationwide. With over four decades of experience, they’re not just pioneers—they’re trailblazers, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: 

  • Fit for a President – 2024 ADMEI Award Winner: What do you plan for a group that’s seen everything? An event fit for a President. And that’s exactly what 360DG did. With a two-month lead time, their client requested a custom curated event to wow the client’s top executives. Without hesitation, the Reagan Library was selected as the event backdrop, blending historical depth with modern flair. In one evening, guests experienced intimate tours, dined beneath Air Force One, and danced the night away to the surprise musical act: The Beach Boys. From local sourcing to seamless event progression, the team showcased their ability to create unparalleled experiences with innovation and precision.
  • A Seaside Escape – 2024 ADMEI Award Nominee: When 360DG’s client requested a luxury destination within driving distance from Los Angeles that was distinct from their past experiences, they knew the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art was a perfect fit. A cocktail reception on the terrace in the fresh ocean air began the evening perfectly. The stunning seaside backdrop and neutral tones of the space blended flawlessly with the ocean inspired tablescapes for the ideal golden hour dining experience. With expert planning, the client’s dream of a seaside escape became an unforgettable reality they will cherish for years to come.

Trends to Watch: In 2024, we’re seeing a welcomed shift from the wild ride of extreme highs and deep lows to a more stable and steady business landscape. This equilibrium brings endless possibilities for clients as vendors and partners are fully staffed and better suited to manage the steady flow of business. From a design perspective, trends are becoming more sophisticated with the rise of Japandi—a chic blend of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian functionality. And chrome is definitely the new black, standing out as the featured metallic in everyone’s vision boards. And as anticipated, DEI initiatives remain centerstage, showing attendees what really matters. This translates into selecting partners that understand how to deliver on DEI offerings and considerations. It’s proving to be a balanced blend of business stability, sophistication, and camaraderie shaping the corporate event scene this coming year.

Over $100 million in revenue

Hello! Destination Management
Orlando, FL
Top Officer Name & Title:
Paul Mears, III, President & CEO
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 3,500
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $150 million
Capabilities: Since 1986, Hello! Destination Management has been a premier, full-service destination management company. Currently, Hello! operates in over 30 of the nation’s meeting hotspots in destinations like Arizona, Chicago, Colorado, California, Florida, Las Vegas, Nashville, New York, Texas, and Washington D.C. The company offers traditional DMC services like transportation logistics, offsite events, uniquely branded and themed programs, dine-arounds, enriching tours, dynamic activities, team building, hospitality staff, and more. Hello!’s operational processes, combined with the intimate insights about the markets they serve, gives them the unique ability to curate extraordinary event experiences and deliver services that transcend expectations.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: 

  • In 2023, Hello! Destination Management wowed industry insiders with their exceptional event expertise. Hello’s Celestial Celebration event, recipient of both a NACE One Award and ILEA ESPRIT Award, exemplified their commitment to innovation and creativity. This event seamlessly blended employee recognition with supplier showcases, offering the event planner guests an unforgettable evening filled with breathtaking experiences. From a glamorous awards ceremony to an enchanting aurora borealis-themed dinner, and two unforgettable after-parties: the energetic “Moonlit Night Club” and the sophisticated “Sun Afterglow” speakeasy, ensured a journey beyond imagination for all.
  • Another standout event, Hydro Technics Exchange, garnered acclaim for its immersive, technology-driven experience. Awarded with an ILEA ESPRIT Technical Production award, Hello! transformed the venue into a futuristic spectacle, including a drone show, stunning pyrotechnics, and a band performing on water. Every element of this event showcased the evolution of technology while taking creative risks to deliver a truly unique and special experience.

Trends to Watch: As the events industry continues its evolution, Hello! Destination Management anticipates a continued demand for in-person events to foster corporate culture and reinforce messaging in hybrid work environments. With a focus on guest personalization and authentic experiences, Hello! embraces innovations in décor, technology, and catering to enhance the guest journey. In an era of shortened attention spans, Hello! recognizes the pivotal role of events in providing tangible, immersive experiences that resonate with attendees. A key trend Hello! is weaving into events is sustainability. Incorporating eco-friendly touches especially when it comes to teambuilding activities, offering giveback opportunities, and sourcing gifts from local artisans to support the communities in which their events are held.

Hosts Global
Las Vegas, NV
Top Officer Name & Title:
Kurt Paben, CEO
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 703
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $160 million
Capabilities: Hosts Global is an award-winning, full-service destination management company (DMC) with over 65 years of experience. With a presence in more than 350 captivating destinations worldwide, Hosts Global provides unparalleled access to local knowledge and creates legendary moments for meeting and event planners. Hosts’ services are delivered to the highest industry standards and are adaptable based on clients’ needs. All partners are vetted to ensure only premier service is provided along with the best local offerings. Hosts Global offers the following DMC services: event design, unique venue experiences, experiential activations, dining experiences, decor, site inspections, tour programs, entertainment, team building and CSRs, transportation and logistics, staffing and convention services, and emergency preparedness. 
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: Hosts SoCal: The Hosts Southern California team masterfully crafts unforgettable experiences spanning Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Highlighting their logistical prowess is the remarkable 2023 program in Orange County, boasting a grand welcome party for 4000 guests, three consecutive nights of simultaneous ceremonies and afterglows, and a charming Boardwalk-styled lunch complete with seamless transportation arrangements for all attendees. Each event was meticulously curated with distinct entertainment, engaging activations, and exquisite decor. With their unparalleled expertise in orchestrating memorable occasions, the SoCal team continues to set the standard for innovative and successful events.
Trends to Watch: The events industry is evolving, with distinct trends that will shape destination events in 2024. Here’s what Hosts Global sees:

  • Suppliers matter: The importance of suppliers is growing, with clients showing more curiosity about partnerships than ever before. They want to know the diversity and ownership details of suppliers and also demand rigorous standards for green practices. The sustainability of suppliers is a key factor in the decision-making process.
  • Convenience is key: Travel time is crucial when considering offsite events. Seamless transportation that ensures punctuality and reduces stress is now expected. Lines and waiting times for food and beverages must be minimized to keep the guest experience smooth and enjoyable.
  • Formal is out, fun is in: Formal, multi-course dinners are losing favor as clients prioritize fun, interactive events. Unique decor and lounge seating are essential, as are interactive elements that engage attendees. The demand for venues with built-in entertainment is growing, and themed events.
  • More isn’t more: Clients want tailored solutions that align closely with their goals, emphasizing quality over quantity. Understanding the client’s vision and bringing a strategic perspective is crucial. A well-curated theme is more effective than presenting a slew of options that miss the mark.
  • Clients want to pamper their guests: The focus is on making guests feel special with welcome gifts, take-home items, wellness activities, and relaxation lounges. Thoughtful touches like these create memorable experiences and lasting impressions.
  • Innovative design and activities: Creative design and activities are in demand. From non-floral centerpieces and curated menus to AI photo booths and vibrant colors, fresh design approaches are making an impact. Nostalgia is also trending, with cotton candy, Ferris wheels, and roller skating adding playful charm to events.

The landscape of destination events is changing, and 2024 will see a surge in demand for suppliers who prioritize diversity and sustainability, events that prioritize convenience and fun, and curated, thoughtful experiences that align closely with client goals.

Rue Du Pre-Bouvier, Switzerland
Top Officer Name & Title:
Sebastien Tondeur, Group CEO
Average Number of Programs/Events Per Year: 4,000
Estimated 2023 Revenue: $300 million
Capabilities: With 30 years of experience, Ovation counts its worldwide reach and standard operating procedures as two of its noteworthy capabilities. The company has offices in more than 100 destinations across five continents; operations comprise 26 wholly owned offices and approx. 62 strategic DMC partners. They are the only global DMC with so many wholly owned offices. The company serves a broad clientele, from the “biggest brands” in banking, consultancy, automotive, IT, and pharmaceuticals to direct selling. An online learning platform to constantly train and develop the team’s talents has been in place for nearly a decade.
Noteworthy Programs/Events in 2023: Ovation is the official DMC partner for the IBTM World. Ovation Global DMC operated major Direct Selling Incentive/recognition programs of 1,000-3,000 attendees in various locations around the globe. On top of that, Ovation provides services for corporate financial, insurance, fintech, pharma, and automotive companies regularly in its 100+ destinations.

Trends to Watch: 

  • Experience is king: Forget passive participation. Attendees are seeking immersive experiences that connect them to the destination’s culture, history, or environment. Think workshops, local tours, and interactive activities.
  • Sustainability reigns supreme: Eco-conscious practices are no longer a niche. Event planners are prioritizing sustainability by using local vendors, reducing waste, and choosing venues with green initiatives.
  • Data drives decisions: Event data is becoming a goldmine. Organizers are leveraging data to personalize the attendee experience, optimize logistics, and measure event success with greater accuracy.
  • Tech enhances, not replaces: Technology is a powerful tool for engagement, not a replacement for human interaction. Expect to see AI chatbots answering questions, AR/VR experiences adding new dimensions, and event apps streamlining communication.
  • Accessibility for all: Inclusivity is a growing concern. Venues that cater to diverse needs and offer accessibility features will be in high demand.
  • Events as marketing powerhouses: Events are transforming into strategic marketing tools. They’ll be designed to generate brand awareness, build stronger customer relationships, and drive sales.
  • The rise of the ROI-focused planner: Cost-effectiveness is paramount. Event planners will be under pressure to demonstrate clear return on investment (ROI) for destination events.
  • Centralization for efficiency: Expect to see a rise in centralized platforms that streamline event management, bookings, and communication, making destination events more efficient.

These trends are expected to continue shaping the destination event landscape in 2024 and beyond. 

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