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6 Meeting Trends for 2011; TSA Offers App; TSE Discount Ends Friday

Go green, go mobile in 2011 Hot trends for events and meetings in 2011 will include formal adoption of eco-friendly practices, the demand for integration of mobile meeting apps, and a resurgence of incentive travel. Our sister publications group—MeetingsNet—just covered the story; read more here

Airport rules? There's an app for that Now you can do more than play games on your phone while you wait in the airport. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration offers the My TSA app, which helps determine if an item is allowed in carry-on or checked baggage, information on ID requirements and liquids rules, tips for packing and dressing to speed through security, and real-time operating status for U.S. airports from the Federal Aviation Administration…

Save on The Special Event! Register for the biggest, most valuable conference in special events, and save money, too! Special discounts end Friday; click here for all the info.

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