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Choice Linens has moved next door to its former location. The company has also created a "fine linen and living gallery," allowing clients to review the firm's line of specialty linens, tabletop accoutrements and fabric panel screens; books and staff are available to provide event consultation and coordination. 111 Battery St., Seattle, WA 98121; the phone number remains 206/325-0111. n Total Event Resources has moved to 1613 Colonial Parkway, Inverness, IL 60067; the phone number remains 847/963-1448.

Gala! The Special Event Planner for Professionals and Volunteers, described in our February issue, was written by Patti Coons, vice president of corporate communications for Decorating Den Interiors, Rockville, Md., not by Patti Coons, CSEP, of Orlando, Fla.-based Patti Coons & Associates.

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