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All Hands on Deck

Team-building activities based on outdoors adventure are becoming more and more popular. Schooner Woodwind of Annapolis, Md., offers an adventure program in which groups learn the basics of sailing and teamwork on two identical 74-foot schooners. The true test of their teamwork is the two-hour "match race" on Chesapeake Bay.

The day starts with sail training, where small groups concentrate on single aspects of sailing-sail handling, steering the boat, navigation and race tactics. After a casual lunch, a race countdown begins. Both boats maneuver to the starting line and sail around the buoys that make up the racecourse. Because the yachts are identical, the crew makes the difference.

"Our Ultimate Team Challenge program works so well because the participants do not need to know about sailboat racing or be athletic to be part of this experience," says owner and captain Ken Kaye. "The teams are learning and working in a fun atmosphere-outside, on the water-while having an exciting, interactive day." The activity is suitable for groups between 16 and 70 people.

For more information, call Nautical Destinations at 410/269-4213 or visit Schooner Woodwind's Web site (

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-Jennifer Patton, Meeting Dynamics, Hilton Head, S.C.

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