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Best Balloon Creation

The Balloon House Design Studio Flower Mound, Texas The King of Hearts was a massive, balloon-sculptured ape hanging from a building. His 14-foot, musclebound torso was structured from conduit with fencing laid over the form and molded to shape. Hundreds of air-filled latex balloons were hand-tied to the wire frame. Facial features were created with balloon distortion techniques. His eyes, mouth and head were independently animated. A biplane circled over the building, and hearts hung from the top of the building. Miniature cityscapes bordered the sculpture.

Mars Queensland, Australia A client looking for a unique form of party decor selected balloon sculptures for this convention. Balloon-sculpture fairies caught the imagination of guests as they moved through the room, from sculpture to sculpture.

John Daly International Santa Barbara, California/ Steve Kemble Event Design Dallas For a corporate awards ceremony, the nominees created a design using airsphere balloons imported from Germany and ranging in size from 8 inches to 19 feet in diameter. The balloons were suspended from the ceiling of the venue. The design, complete with music, movement and 14 lighting patterns that changed with the announcement of each award category, filled the 48,000-square-foot arena.

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