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Best Dining Table Design

David Tutera New York This birthday celebration at the honoree's 38-room mansion took place in three dining rooms: formal, informal and family. The formal dining room featured two 18th century candelabras placed in the center of the 25-foot-long table. A runner covering the length of the table featured crystals, candles, floral and fruit. Custom-made, lavender silk chair cushions adorned the chairs.

Empire Force Events New York "Countdown to the Next Millennium" was an interactive celebration of popular music and entertainment throughout the 20th century. The event included choreographed performances and interactive dances set to a medley of well-known songs. Each table featured decor appropriate to the era, such as the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

The Flower Loft Rahway, New Jersey The designer of this Arabian Nights-themed event incorporated props and textiles found while traveling in Morocco and Katmandu. The culturally accurate decorative elements infused tabletops at the gala with Old World exoticism. A sultan arrived with his caravan, providing a cargo to be displayed as table vignettes. The tablescapes used more than 600 candles, 400 pounds of grapes and 6,000 roses. Hundreds of yards of Moroccan brocade were customized into linens and flying carpets. Candle-lighted genie's lanterns finished the tables.

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