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Best Event Entertainment Concept And Execution

Budget $20,000 to $50,000 Crossroads Entertainment Toronto This party combined authentic Japanese and Canadian entertainment. Magicians and a jazz quartet entertained during cocktails, while two projection screens showed live images of the guests. During a traditional sake keg-breaking, on the keyword "Kompai," 60 pyrotechnic centerpieces were detonated to the surprise of guests. Afterward, Legends In Concert featured two hours of live music and dancing.

The Design Group Minneapolis At this Gangster Gala, guests were brought on stage to interact with entertainers, danced to swing and dance bands, and sat back and enjoyed their favorite cigars. Smoking and nonsmoking casinos, orchestras and interactive acts made for an evening with an unusual amount of entertainment.

Empire Force Events New York "Countdown to the Next Millennium" interactively combined popular music and entertainment throughout the 20th century. The event included choreographed performances and interactive dances set to a medley of popular songs. The event ended with a 1999 New Year's Eve countdown to the next millennium.

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