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Best Multiple-Day Incentive Events

The Design Group Minneapolis This national sales conference featured three evening events. The first night was an "Evening of Imagination," when guests journeyed from a medieval village filled with sorcery and witchcraft into a land where modern magic reigned. "Stompin' at the Savoy Speakeasy" was the following night's theme. For the final night, "A Jewel of an Evening," guests began their adventure outside a mountain in a small mining town. They descended into a mine to find a room of color and activity.

Mills/James Productions Columbus, Ohio Guests for this incentive trip gathered at the Westin Rio Resort in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, for a three-day affair. Several exclusive events included a specially designed club room, live entertainment and three sets that incorporated lighting, audio and video to create the air of prestige the client wanted for its guests.

Poko Event Productions Los Angeles Rupert Murdoch convened more than 600 of his top executives for News Corporation's 1998 Sun Valley Management Conference. Six days of events included three blockbuster galas. In addition to overseeing entertainment, lighting, design and decor, and creating invitations for two of the events, Poko also handled food and beverage requirements for the conference.

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