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Best Off-Premise Catered Event

Good Gracious! Catering and Events Los Angeles A late-night party on the shores of Monte Carlo, held in conjunction with the World Music Awards, kept the crowd of 700 going 'til 5:30 in the morning. The caterer "bought out" a local cafe to make the evening's food, which had been prepped in Nice and transported by refrigerated truck. At fresh pasta bars, pasta dishes were prepared to guests' specifications. Beluga caviar and vodka shots, along with chocolates crafted by a local confectioner, kept adrenalin running

Image Three Walnut Creek, California/ J.A. Melons Catering and Events Sausalito, California The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was the canvas for this corporate event. Entering the party area, which was draped in a palette of chartreuse and shocking pink, guests dined on California fusion cuisine served from buffet stations. The buffets were designed with chartreuse satin, steel risers, polished metal platters and Japanese river rock. After moving to a theater setting for a concert featuring a major performer, guests returned to find the event space transformed into a moody lounge. Relaxing in leather sofas and club chairs, they enjoyed desserts and cordials.

Millennium Events Dallas/ The Party Professionals Dallas A holiday weekend hosted in a private home was set around a Plexiglas-covered pool and a neon-lighted Christmas beach scene. Customized ice sculptures, floral displays and lavish foodstations enhanced the home's holiday decor. The culinary stations showcased, among other delicacies, Florida stone crab claws and lobsters, flown in fresh the day of the event.

Ridgewells Bethesda, Maryland Ridgewells, looking for fresh directions in creative catering, hosted a fall/winter runway show with a twist. The focus of this fashion show wasn't on models and clothing. Instead, it was on tabletop and catering ideas that highlighted Ridgewells' talents and gave attendees new ideas for event giving.

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