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Best Tent Installation

Northeastern University Boston/ Peterson Party Center Boston The inside of Matthews Arena in Boston was transformed into a garden party for this special event. An 80-by-100-foot high peak tent was installed at the center of the ice arena to create a dining room. Drill holes and 400-pound weights were used to install the tent. Inside, chandeliers were fastened to the tent poles to illuminate the dining area.

Remsberg Tent Frederick, Maryland Remsberg transformed Bryant Park in New York City into a tented venue to host the couture world's fall fashion shows. The two main show tents were 82-by-164-foot structures erected on 17-foot legs and finished with custom tension liners. The main lobby tent was an 82-by-116-foot structure installed over an existing 15-foot-high marble fountain. This tent sported a clear top, allowing guests a view of the skyline.

White House Staging & Production Mesa, Arizona White House custom-designed and built a multi-tiered, four-tent structure providing more than 13,000 square feet of luxury skybox space at the Phoenix Open. The interior was created with custom carpentry, including raised oak paneling, a three-sided oak bar and custom entertainment centers. Plush carpeting, accent rugs, leather living room suites and a pleated fabric tent liner completed the interior. Exterior features included decks and patios.

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