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Best Theme Decor, Budget Between $10,000 and $25,000

EventWorks Los Angeles For a builders association's awards dinner, designers used the client's product as the basis for an avant garde, upscale environment. Home construction materials and home fashion accents became party decor, displayed in gold-framed shadow boxes around the room. The stage featured Georgian columns, pediments and window frames that seemed to float in the air.

King Dahl Event Design Agoura Hills, California Drug-maker Pfizer wanted an event to promote its traveling exhibit on the world of microbes and microscopic organisms. The festive event featured oversized microbe props, suspended from the ceiling and dramatically lighted in fluorescent colors. Super hero "Microbe Man" was on hand to inform and direct guests to the exhibits. Floral creations crafted in oversized chemistry beakers blended the worlds of science and fantasy.

Party Artistry New York An automotive junkyard was created for this bar mitzvah party. Guests turned keys in their individual ignitions to claim their place cards. Aluminum tubing, gas cans, hub caps, air hoses and various car parts made up a sculptured ceiling. Floral centerpieces featured highway and automotive props. Hot colored lights moved throughout the evening to reflect off the other design elements in the room to create an unusual effect.

Perfect Surroundings Newport, Rhode Island For this multi-day slot tournament with a Halloween theme, Perfect Surroundings transformed the site with the Hitchcock ambience of a Victorian resort hotel. Huge, scenic backdrops depicting various interior hotel settings were suspended from the ceiling. Authentic Victorian furnishings, from stained glass windows to port decanters, helped re-create the hotel lobby, palm court and dining room.

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