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Best Use Of Lighting

Designs by Sean Dania, Florida/ Hy-Lite Productions Miami Lighting was the main ingredient to create a high-tech, futuristic look and to reduce a 138,000-square-foot space by more than half. The use of minimum props allowed the lighting effects to dominate the evening. Fabric screens of circular trusses, fabric tubes and a 35-foot white drape completed the mood of the room.

Images By Lighting Beverly Hills, California A residential motor court was transformed into the Hotel de Paris on Monaco Bay. To create the illusion, rippling wave effects in aquamarine and seafoam green were projected onto the surrounding architectural facades to represent the bay. Casinos constructed in tents on adjacent patios incorporated permanent lighting fixtures. Conventional lights were used in an unconventional way to make the fantasy come to life.

LD Systems Houston "Sky Power Over Houston" was billed as the largest laser-light and fireworks spectacular in North America. Four hundred optical watts of laser and 2 million watts of light were used to create the event. Buildings as high as 1,200 feet were illuminated in a multitude of colors, and 60 buildings were the stage from which to launch pyrotechnics, mount large-format lighting and construct wash-light towers. Photographic study, CAD modeling and test illuminations helped pull the event together.

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