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Best Wedding, Budget Under $30,000

Abbey Party Rents Dallas The bride wanted to be married in the comfort of her home, while her parents wanted an unforgettable experience for their only daughter. Other than the request to have a kissing ball at the reception, these were the only parameters given to a team of professionals in Dallas that put together this breathtaking wedding event.

Bobby Rodriguez Productions Fort Lauderdale, Florida This Renaissance-style wedding, which took place during an actual Renaissance fair, began with a period "handfasting" marriage ceremony by a lake and ended with an outdoor reception designed to resemble a medieval fairy tale.

King Dahl Event Design Agoura Hills, California Floral pieces on specially designed tri-level, forged-steel stands set the mood for a wedding at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. An autumn color scheme incorporated flowers spilling forth from custom-made patina bird cages. The existing dioramas in the African mammal hall of the museum provided a unique backdrop for the wedding reception.

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