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Big Caterers Predicting 7 Percent Revenue Gain for 2012

Big Caterers Predicting 7 Percent Revenue Gain for 2012

The fifth edition of the Special Events "25 Great, Big Caterers" list shows benefit of landmark events slated for 2012.

The biggest caterers in the event industry are forecasting a 4 percent increase on average in the number of events they will handle this year compared with 2011, and a 7 percent increase in revenue. The findings come from the fifth edition of the Special Events "25 Great, Big Caterers" list.


After several years of moving to more casual fare, such as picnics, many caterers on the list are now emphasizing their expertise in higher end cuisine.

London's Bubble Food, for example, notes its "full range of molecular gastronomy menus for the events industry."

In a similar vein, San Francisco's McCalls Catering & Events says, "Thanks to our international culinary crew, we prepare authentic cuisine from around the world. We are green-certified, featuring California's finest ingredients." And the servers are as fine as the food: "Our waiters treat every guest as a VIP," the McCalls team says.


Many caterers on the list note their event rosters this year will benefit from some high-profile events--such as the U.S. presidential election and the Summer Olympics in London--which trigger galas.

Although the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, aka William and Kate, are technically no longer newlyweds, several caterers note events where they feted the superstar royals, including Los Angeles-based Patina Catering for BAFTA/L.A.

Taken as a group, the 25 caterers on the Special Events list this year predict they will cater more than 200,000 events and bring in more than $785 million in revenue.

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