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In Brief for Aug. 13, 2008

In Brief for Aug. 13, 2008

Do you have class? Does your school offer accredited studies in event management? Let us know for a master list of event education resources being created for the industry by Special Events Magazine. Click here to get in touch with us ...

Great 8s With the number 8 considered especially lucky in Chinese culture (in Cantonese, the word "eight"--baat--sounds like the word for prosperity--faat), marriage license applications in Clark County, Nev., were up 300 percent for Aug. 8 over the year before, according to the Los Angeles Times. The next "dragon year"--also considered lucky--will be 2012 ...

You may not kiss the bride A New York state man was arrested for getting too close to his bride--on his wedding day. After officers were called to the reception, in response to reports the groom started fighting with a wedding guest, they realized his bride had a protection order against him. Instead of going on his honeymoon, the groom was hauled off to jail.

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