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In Brief: Banning BlackBerries and Risky Catering Business

UAE BlackBerry ban's affect on meetings Early this month, the United Arab Emirates, home of meeting, convention and incentive destinations Dubai and Abu Dhabi, announced that it would shut down BlackBerry data service on Oct. 11 if an agreement isn’t reached that allows the country’s regulators to tap into encrypted BlackBerry messages. What will this mean to meetings there? Our sister publications—MeetingsNet—take a look; click here for more

Is catered food bad for your health? A recent study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control says that catered food is responsible for 36 illnesses for every outbreak of foodborne illness, compared with only 13 illnesses per outbreak from restaurant or home-prepared food. But is catered food really more dangerous? Not necessarily, CDC researcher Dana Cole told MSNBC. Catered affairs serve larger numbers of people at each meal, and with many people falling ill at the same time, there is a greater likelihood someone will report the illness. For tips on keeping catered food safe, see our list of Relate Stories below:


Q&A on Keeping Catered Food Safe

Food Safety Experts Give Tips for Keeping Catered Food Safe

Pistachio Recall Prompts Caterers to Ask, Is Food Really Safe?

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