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In Brief: Centerpiece Poll, Should You be in our "50 Top" List?

Alternating centerpieces are tops on tables Sixty-two percent of respondents to the latest online poll from Special Events say their favorite centerpiece treatment is to offer a variety of centerpieces that alternate among tables. Thirty percent favor having one centerpiece that appears on every table, while 7 percent avoid one centerpiece, opting instead to scatter small elements on top of tables …

Should you be on our '50 Top' list? If you did not get a questionnaire for the 10th annual list of the 50 biggest event planning companies--a highly popular article created by Special Events--and wish to be considered, please send an email here ...

Calling party rental: Can we stop discounting now? A year ago, nearly two in three event rental operators said they had to discount rates to stay in the game. Is the discount game still the rule in your market? Please respond to our anonymous poll, on the right side of our website. Thanks!

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